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Obamacare Fines, The Penalty Price Paid For Ignoring The Affordable Care Act

Obamacare Fines, The Penalty Price Paid For Ignoring The Affordable Care Act

Obamacare fines are part of the Affordable Care Act package that everyone should be aware of. After all, there’s no such thing as “free” healthcare.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Obamacare price on the state exchanges will average $328.

The self-employed, and workers at businesses not offering health insurance, will need to file paperwork showing what they estimate their family might make in income over the next couple years. The deadline for avoiding Obamacare fines is December 25, 2013 although open enrollment is available until March 31, 2014. You must have health insurance by January 1, 2014 in order for the Obamacare penalty to not kick in. But beware that Obamacare subsidies come packaged with Obamacare fines in the form of tax surprises if your estimates are too far off.

You can’t simply ignore the Affordable Care Act, either. As you might recall, the Supreme Court allowed Obamacare as a tax, which means Obamacare fines are pretty much a necessity in order for the Affordable Care Act to remain constitutional. Unless you happen to be exempt from Obamacare, or are part of one of the Obamacare alternatives, Obamacare fines can add up pretty quickly.

The Obamacare penalty for an adult is $95 and $47.50 per child. The Obamacare individual mandate makes Americans liable for up to two additional dependents. For a family of four the Obamacare fines jump to $285 or one percent of the family income, whichever is greater. But over time the Obamacare fines will be getting higher. In 2015, the Obamacare fines will be $325 per person, or two percent of taxable income. In 2016, the Obamacare penalty maxes at $695 per person, $2,085 for the family, or 2.5 percent of taxable income. That adds up to $173.75 per month.

But government officials in charge of implementing the Affordable Care Act are worried Obamacare fines are “not significant enough to push people to buy coverage.” But some Americans are worried about affording healthcare insurance at all, never mind the Obamacare fines. Sandra Czop of Illinois says, “I would love to have insurance, but we just don’t have the money. We need that $100 to put food on the table. We have no money to put gas in the car.”

The only good news is that Obamacare fines can be dodged pretty easily because Affordable Care Act exemptions are extremely broad. The IRS isn’t (yet) allowed to pursue “any criminal prosecution or penalty” for ignoring Obamacare’s individual mandate. Obamacare exemptions include religious objections to purchasing insurance (mostly intended for the Amish), purchasing Obamacare alternatives, being too poor to afford insurance, being too old combined with a low income, or being a Native American (who are part of a separate healthcare system).

Do you think Obamacare fines are too high a penalty for ignoring the Affordable Care Act?

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82 Responses to “Obamacare Fines, The Penalty Price Paid For Ignoring The Affordable Care Act”

  1. Carol Ard

    Just remember folks what the Dem's have done to this country's ruinatation passing this behind closed doors and not one GOP vote teels it all..Supreme Court justice should have ruled the way it was presented to the court not change what was being brought before the court… The most hated man in America is John Roberts..He did not rule on the merits of what the Gov presented but personally changed it and than ruled…This is so tragic as Obama care will take this country down.

  2. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  3. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  4. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  5. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  6. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  7. Anonymous

    So, if they don't have money for gas, or food, what happens if these families have a medical emergency? God Forbid, but really, if something happened, and they don't have insurance, who pays for it? Everyone does eventually. We have to pay for car insurance, that is mandatory.

  8. Jeff Smith

    This is such BS!! Talk about communism. They are forcing something down our throats. I did not appreciate it when they made car insurance mandatory and I appreciate this even less. If you have to choose between food and health insurance, obviously you are going to choose food, same as the same scenario for gas to get to work or health insurance. I think that what they should do is make it mandatory for the insurance companies to give us all a rebate check back, let's say 50% of our premiums, if we don't use it. I have been paying for over five years to medical insurance,and I just went my first time to a doctor last week. All that premium money right down the toilet. If insurance companies had to give us a rebate check back, this would seem more fair to me then. But us as citizens don't have the lobbying power as insurance companies do. We as Americans should be allowed to vote on every bill they try and pass as well. Not just vote for the person representing us. When there is a bill like this that greatly affects our bottom line budgets, we should be allowed as " THE PEOPLE" to vote on it.

  9. Anonymous

    So will they imprison children for not paying the fine? I guess child labor will start to happen here so the mother fucking politicians can have their healthcare paid for by kids working in factories. What a bunch of Socialist bullshit!

  10. Jim McKay

    Yes, car insurance is mandatory, but you are not fined if you don't have it. You cannot get your vehicle licensed. And taxpayers don't have to pay for damage if you're not insured, the other party does. Obamacare sucks. It is unfair if you can afford insurance – everyone else gets tax credits, but you don't! Communism or socialism – call it what you will, but it's design is to level out wealth and THAT'S WRONG!!

  11. Donald Lindsey

    This is the biggest pile of cow-paddy I ever heard of. First how the heck is anyone one disability who receive 800 month to live is going to be able to afford this crap even less pay his fine so he can have another 100 million dollar vacation again.

  12. Jason Carlson

    so your saying that I will save money by opting out… I guess that means the premiums are already set too high. But not as high as our government!!

  13. Phil Beer

    you want to solve socail security pay off every that is on it like they should have thats my money for me not for the goverment o i forgot its a tax hey 1776 is coming again

  14. Phil Beer

    i have a germ that will takes out only politicians and the goverment has plenty of money stop sending it to the middle east

  15. Dan Holm


    Nearly 45,000 people die in the United States each year — one every 12 minutes — in large part because they lack health insurance and can not get good care, Harvard Medical School researchers found in an analysis released on Thursday.

    "We're losing more Americans every day because of inaction … than drunk driving and homicide combined," Dr. David Himmelstein, a co-author of the study and an associate professor of medicine at Harvard, said in an interview with Reuters.

    "The US Healthcare System is an International Scandal at about TWICE the per capita cost of comparable countries and US Health Care provides some of the worst outcomes, and it is getting worse. The problem is not Medicare. But because Medicare has to go through the privatized unregulated Healthcare System which is totally dysfunctional – Medicare Suffers. You can’t talk about this in Washington because of the power of insurance and financial Institutions.”

    Don't talk about cost. If 55 other countries, including some underdeveloped ones, can provide some form of universal health care for their citizens it’s a disgrace and shameful that the United States doesn’t. We already know some inefficiency is in our private insurance system, eg. profits. We need a single payer system and "everyone" needs to support it. It's essentially barbaric to have a "for profit" system where only those with money get care. I don't know about you, but I hate to think my health depends on someone's stock dividend.

  16. Anonymous

    If Obama didn't have the IRS to enforce this nonsense through income tax returns, which can't legally be avoided, everyone could just ignore the penalties and see if they have enough cops and jail cells to lock everyone up.

  17. Gregg Wyant

    Got Blue Cross Pemiums yesterday for 2014. My wife and I are in good health. Number one we cannot keep our current coverage. Second our premiums went up a 120 Percent.

  18. Anonymous

    I don't know about you, but I hate to think my healthcare depends on some bureaucrat's time, energy and interest to see to it. What's your solution? Require all health care personnel to be government employees? Think about these questions while you reconsider invoking the name of Jesus to express your hatred of those who disagree with you.

  19. Timothy F. Bryant

    The ONLY way that this insanity is going to stop is when "We The People" put a stop to it and take back our White House and Government… I am NOT talking about an armed uprising, I am saying that "We The People" need to get out and vote these pricks out of office…

    O'Bama got elected because the people who are on WELFARE did not want to give up their monthly checks so they voted for him. Now look at where it has got them??? Get Jobs people and try and tell me that there aren't any jobs because that is pure BS and we all know it. There are plenty of jobs out there but maybe they are not the jobs you want, well take it and work your way up to a better job but get off welfare and assistance…

  20. Eugene A Staudt Jr

    Sounds like you don't know Jesus because Jesus doesn't want anyone to go to hell. He doesn't "send" people there. People send them selves there for rejecting Jesus. Healthcare is also not about morality. Healthcare cost money in this world. Doctors are not choosing to do this for free or else it would be alright. They want and need the money for it. You can't "force" somebody to give you healthcare. That is what Obamacare is doing. It is forcing someone else to pay another for a service. An economy does not prosper in this manner. It's analogous as to me forcing someone to believe in Jesus or something else when I cannot "force" someone to believe in it. They have to make the choice for themselves. There are better ways of receiving healthcare then forcing another to pay for it.

  21. Anonymous

    This is bypassing the doctors and practicing medicine not only without a license (illegal last I looked) but it is practicing medicine without even seeing the patient. I, and my medical group, have spent years getting me to a state of acceptibel stability. We tried hundreds of medications in varied forms. Many, many did not work or the side effects were just too ridiculous to endure. In just a few weeks all the medications that have been changed by mandates have begun to have serious side effects. I have had a mini stroke, have huge excruciating boil like rashes that are all but incapacitating, have to take twice the amount of a new drug for arthritis that we already tried in the past and know it causes some unusual and conflicting side effects when mixed with other medications I take. This is a night mare. Try having to give yourself a shot. That is inhibiting enough, stressful. But, you do it because it must be done. Now try stressing because the medication is not here or has to go through 5 new channels of approval to prove I actually need the medication. That is like calling my 10 year trained (and on going training) doctor incompetent. The medication arrives and they call. Someone has to pick it up unless you want me on the streets driving while on morphine. At the last minute notice I find someone willing. The Shringes they send me are 25's and an inch and a half long. I have developed a bleeding disorder. The 25's are freaking huge. They want to put my on a foley cathator (sp sorry) because I cant pee because of the meds. I refuse cause it FN hurts like hell and is a mess and degrading. SO I have to pee in a cup when I go in for my doctors visits (you pay for this by the way) and I have never come up dirty since 1982 when all this piss testing began. What is the sense?? I dont like drugs. It is just a few weeks into this mess and it is a nightmare already and It will get worse. If we get fined we dont have money to pay a fine we'll be homeless. I am a disabled veteran and it is extremely difficult to get proper treatment. They treat you like a third rate citizen when you go in there. They are talking about their last vacation and where they are going next. I have never had a vacation and most likely wont. Ppl who work hard deserve those perks but I gave my health for this country and I am treated like they want to hide me in a closet and it is hurtful. Htis Obama care is going to kill a lot of ppl before someone really wakes up and relizes that the doctors know what is best for the patient not the government.

  22. Kevan Bolduc

    thanks to all the stupid americans who voted for him now you can deal with it when you cant afford your mortgage because you have to pay premiums, copay and deductible which can go up to 10000 alone just for deductibles

  23. Anthony Zambrano

    with all due respect, none of this is "his". It's an act of legislation, and is implemented as a tax. If you don't pay your taxes, there are fines. But hey, people who can't afford $300/month private health insurance (which will only pay for treatments they deem acceptable), should just shut up and die. Obama gets "his" the same way every politician does, illegal "contributions" from private parties.

  24. Anthony Zambrano

    Wow, that's quite an imagination you have there haha. But, hey, you're onto something. If people can't afford blue cross health care…they should shut up and die. Maybe have a look at THE REST OF THE WORLD? Child labor hasn't hit the UK, and they still got all their "freedoms" lol.

  25. Anthony Zambrano

    1.7% of the current US population has 50% or more of their income coming from welfare/food stamp benefits. Making your WELFARE comment hilarious to me. Why don't you just come out and call him a N****R lol

  26. Anthony Zambrano

    Eugene A Staudt Jr: the economy of Scandinavian states is looking pretty damned good compared to the hole in the American economy dating back to 2008. Economies do prosper in this manner, and less people die. And how the fuck do you know if Jesus doesn't send people to hell? You talk to him? You ever seen him? Do you even have a slightly modified half-truth or piece of evidence that he even exists? NOPE. Amen

  27. Anonymous

    I told my wife when this obamacare first started that it was just a way for our all so wonderful government to keep from having to pay out income tax at the end of each year. Shame on us for getting an income tax return. When it was first started it was a loan to our government to help with schools and take care of the roads and they would actually pat us back with interest. Now you to a tax place so they can decide how much you get back based on you net income and then tax that before you get whats actually yours. The government just screws a more each year and sits around and tells how much better off we are with it like that. When or what is it going to take to get people to open thier eyes.

  28. Brenda Christina

    Apparently, at the moment, nothing is going to be done to those who don't get insurance or pay the fines. And I can just see it now-Let's say they have to pay $100/mo. for their insurance (after subsidies) or pay $95/year as a fine, which one do you think they will take? At least the first year, these people are going to just take a chance they won't get sick or if they do & get fined, who is going to MAKE them pay a fine? No One!!!!!

  29. Anonymous

    Eugene A Staudt Jr
    look up the definition of extortion. do this or something bad will happen to you. bassically–I am paraphrasing

  30. Brenda Christina

    I totally agree with what you are saying. First, thank you for your service to our country. Keep having your Dr. write letters to the insurance company about what has been tried & doesn't work for you. It's not much, but may help. It scares me to death to have the IRS approving things that only the professionals (Drs) should be providing & making decisions about. How can Joe Blow off the street ever know what is needed in a patient's care? People that are in favor of this are going to find out that they are going to be going through some of the same things & are not going to like it, but by then, it is too late, & you get what you voted to get!

  31. Bruce Grotte


  32. Brenda Christina

    We already pay for them to get medical care-they just go to the ER. And what about all of the illegals? They can't get Obamacare & they do get sick! We are paying for them too & will continue to do so when they go to the ER.

  33. Brenda Christina

    And where have you been for the last 4 years since it went into effect & we have had to pay for it? Nancy Pelosi said that "we have to pass it to find out what is in it"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Tom Kohl

    It is unfortunate how everytime someone disagree with them, the Dems call us racist. That just proves they have NO argument.

  35. Florence Jean Cunningham

    Car insurance is to compensate for somebody you might hurt out there, not just yourself. that is important that claims be paid if you hurt somebody with your car. this is fair. I feel the same way about health insurance premium money going down the toilet. I don't use it, it's just that we hang on to it "just in case". but if it goes up too high and I lose my job, again, if it comes to putting food on the table, paying my mortgage and my other necessities more important in life to me, then the I would drop the health insurance and just take my chances. they can't refuse me emergency treatment. I would just have to deal with the consequences when I got well. but for now, I pay the insurance "just in case". it is the last damn bill I pay in the month. I make them wait for their money, I mean…my money. It absolutely turns my stomach to have to pay this premium every month.

  36. Steve Fincher

    Why not Single Payer HR676? All of the other industrialized nations have it. Cut out greed, profit and administrative waste. We've got greed and and profit everywhere else but it shouldn't be with healthcare. We need a basic system for the masses. Or what is this, if you can't pay or won't pay, die, Die, DIE!!!!!

  37. TJ Efferson

    There is currently no enforcement mechanism for not paying the fine. The law would have never passed if that was in there and could be shown to America, so they left it out. People will pay fines solely on their fear of the IRS.

  38. Michelle George-Wagner

    You know what is really sad is all those families who have to decide on groceries for their kids or health insurance. How stupid we was for electing him again the joke is on us.

  39. Sandy Jonesse

    no what is sad is when a parent decides to not care about their children and choose to buy weed and boos and every thing else than buy food and clothing and shelter for their children and its sad that American people has to pitch in and take care of their children but if we don't and the parents don't than who will and I m not saying to u r any one im just saying that's all

  40. Michelle George-Wagner

    Yea Roy is one of those people you were talking about that has to pay taxes just like a millón other people for the lazy parents who live off the taxpayers and goverenment. My kids don't receive any kind of welfare when they get sick or need to go to the Dr or dentist we have to pay cash. My brother in law who is a single father to 6 kids works and he doesnt live off The taxpayers or receive welfare. It doesnt matter what The parents buy with their own money if their kids are not doing without. And Obama has no right to tell us we have to get insurance or else we have a fine to pay every year he is a rich bastard that doesnt have to worry about money like The rest of us. And for The people who are on welfare its there to help get you on your feet not to live off until your kids turn 18. We have enough bills to pay without The goverenment saying pay this or else. I'm just saying !!!

  41. David Evans

    The economy already blows and ya they say they have gained more jobs but who cares if a big company add more jobs when said jobs require previous experience in some field or another. How is anyone who doesnt have expericence in those fields even get in there. obama is going to need to build a ton more prisons and they can all be called obamacare jail for the people who get fined because of this dumb ass law. ya car insurance is mandatory but i havent paid that i years due to not having a car. unless i fall under the broke as hell catagory i will be fined as well. seeing as i have no job and jobs around here are very sparce . i am a us army veteran and still jobs are hard to find. it is sad when i would rather go take the chance of dieing for this country then have to beg and scrape for a job. i held the highest clearance in the army but that doesnt help when the only jobs around are cashiers at a gas station or cook at a sonic.Obamacare is retarded and a waste of funds. i may hate oklahoma for may reasons but i am glad to know that not a single county did obama win back in 2012.

  42. Jd Daniel

    Anthony Zambrano He's a nigger, and one that should NOT be president. Happy now? Seeing how you ride his coat tails and comments, I can fairly certainly say that you were one of the people that "never realized how cool war was until Obama started them." It's ridiculous to let this pompous ass shove things down our throat. Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate? I'll give you a hint, it doesn't. American contract law rests on the principle of mutual assent, I did not assent to be bill with this bogus piece of crap violating my fucking constitutional rights, I like most people here have been illegally coerced into acceptance.

    Seriously though, take a few steps back and look at what is going on, while this requirement is an unprecedented infringement on Americans’ liberty, the legislation as a whole – in its conception, not just its details – is an offense against constitutional government. You think "We the People" are mad about getting cheap Hleathcare? No, we are mad at having all of our damned rights taken one at a time…..

  43. Susan Tracy

    talk is cheap right now , action speaks louder than words. government is already controlling us with money , the thing we need the most an don't have enough of because of government filling their pockets off our backs, taxes, allowances for the rich, monies given away to other counties, immigrant need I say more

  44. Carry Lifeforme

    Florence Jean Cunningham Not all States require Car Insurance. For this government to force people to buy something that isn't really covering anything is crazy… the deductible is so high you will always pay the high co-pay and out of pocket… only if you are really sickly person..will you see the benefits… and you will also be paying for Illegals and Muslims… they are exempt from the UN-constitutional wrong plied on us by this administration… one should read the Supreme Court ruling on this… it is pure over reach of the federal branches…

  45. Carry Lifeforme

    the Obamacare Help-Line – available 24/7 is 1-800-318-2596 as we have been told a number of times by the President… it seems someone did not do their due diligence on what that telephone number’s mnemomic is…

    1-800-F U-CKYO

    Indeed, Mr. President, 1-800-318-2596 to you too.

  46. Carry Lifeforme

    I think they did do their homework…and did this on purpose… this is what Obama, Democrats, Rhino Republicans, and the SC Judges that screwed us all…

  47. Carry Lifeforme

    Anthony Zambrano Obama is not on Obamacare…that is what the Republicans are requesting that he gets on it too with is Democrat friends that is why they are so mad. This is all Obama… and they paid off the Judges of the SC to do this… but it is not a tax according to the federal tax laws which are used for defense and the welfare of the nation… that is printed clearly in the Obamacare case cited from what the judges stated… Please read the Constitution… the judges even state it is un Constitutional but still did it why? Do you realize what Obama thinks of you???? His Obamacare Help-Line – available 24/7 is 1-800-318-2596 which spells out… 1-800-F U-CKYO. If you take the time to read the Obamacare plans you will see that you have high deductibles and co pays… you will never reach that deductible so that means you will pay that month cost, plus your co pay, and full cost of all treatment you receive…not unless you are a sickly person and stay in the hospital all the time… and the cost is schedule to go up each year for the insurance…but it covers illegals and Muslims that are exempt…

  48. Carry Lifeforme

    Daniele Boeltz The deductibles depends on your plan… the bronze and so forth…the higher more expensive package is 5000 — but still the co payments…and it goes up from there…

  49. Costa Rica's Call Center

    Will the delayed start date of OBAMACARE affect the US unemployment rate in 2015? The U.S. healthcare reform is intended to pressure large and small employers through force and taxation. Can it produce the desired results?

    OBAMACARE, also known as the, "Affordable Care Act (ACA)", was enacted in 2010 with positive intentions. The end result will show North American companies deciding to outsource appointment setting, sales, lead generation and customer support jobs offshore to stay competitive or risk going out of business. Many business owners will hire a nearshore employee who is 100% qualified and dedicated for their project.

    Bilingual companies are claiming that their bottom line will increase since ESL call center employees in Costa Rica are as effective as transitional in-house staff for half of the cost. This proven strategy will give small to medium sized companies the option to scale up their BPO staff without getting caught in the Obamacare challenge next year.

  50. Anonymous

    Ok the last sentence of the first paragraph states there is no such thing as "free healthcare" there is but it's not here in the states.. Look at Europe for gosh sakes! I completely disagree with the entire idea of forcing (face it that's what this does) insurance down tax payers throats!! If anyone thinks that we live in a fairytale of "the land of the free" today, they will be quite upset that this is just another thing that clearly shows we do not! I would rather be faced with the fine at the end of the year than to pay a huge premium every month to a dictatorship! It is really hard to draw blood from a stone..As long as they force people to buy something they can't afford to start with this theory will clearly stand true..Oh no Billy we need to pay our forced health insuarnce premium this year before we can buy the supplies needed to make dinner at home… Poor Billy has to learn the hard way that this dictatorship needs to end before he can eat.. Is this really right?

  51. Tiney Rendon

    How can this be considered affordable health care when nobody can afford it. The cheapest I found was $180.00 per month premium with a $10.000.00 deductible. Worse still was that it didn't cover anything. I would just be paying the premium, the deductible (for nothing) AND still have to pay for whatever services I had to get.

  52. Anonymous

    You cannot force by penalty fines Young Healthy People who are already struggling to make a decent living wage to pay for older sick people who are also struggling financially. This ACA or Obamacare plan is counter democracy, unAmerican. Because it is left to the market, the premiums of next year and each and every year will continue to rise without government oversight. I totally agree with Jeff Smith that IS forcing something down our throats.

  53. Anonymous

    A black man gave us AIDS and HIV… now a black man f*cked us and force us to buy insurance. lol

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