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Birthers: Obama Has Until Nov. 18 To Show His Birth Certificate Or Else …

Yes, birthers are still around and demanding to see President Obama’s birth certificate (it’s right here!) and if they don’t get their way by November 18, they’re going to stage a full-on American Revolution Part II.

Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman wrote a call to arms Monday, precipitating the overthrow of President Obama if he doesn’t show us his birth certificate (guys seriously, it’s right here).

Despite the call for overthrow, all of the violent gun-toting revolution language liberals always dreamed of is left to the imagination in his post. Rather, Klayman is doing this “by the book” having indicted Obama in a Florida court and convicted him of defrauding voters with a false birth certificate.

Naturally, Obama waived his right to trial by failing to enter a plea, a clear and insulting “thumbing [of] his nose at We The People.”

So a citizen’s judge (read: Imaginary judge) has sentenced President Obama to 10 years in (imaginary) jail and ordered him to remand himself into custody.

“Of course, Obama will not willingly obey the law of the people,” Klayman wrote. “He will attempt to hide behind the iron fences of the White House, perhaps cowering under his desk for fear that the people will rise up and demand his ouster.”

That protest just might occur on November 18 when “millions of Americans who have been appalled and disgusted by Obama’s criminality – his Muslim, socialist, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-white, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-radical gay and lesbian agenda — among other outrages” will march on Washington and hand President Obama his pink slip.

Once again, this won’t be a violent revolution. Rather, Klayman wants a peaceful coup. He even cited Gandhi.

“I further propose that we borrow the techniques perfected and used by such epic crusaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, to show Obama and his enablers that the American people are more than fed up and will not take it any more,” he wrote.

Reasonable though that may be, Klayman was wistful and nostalgic for the days of imperial oppression all the way back in the first years that our nation began to take shape. Our ancestors certainly had it better than we, for they never had to deal with Barrack Hussein Obama, he implies.

“King George III may have been a greedy ‘control freak,’ but at least he was a Christian. The United States is being run by a Muslim bent on furthering an Islamic caliphate who seeks to destroy our spirituality and the body politic of our Judeo-Christian roots.”

Okay, I know Klayman’s kangaroo court trial is over, but come on… Barack Obama’s birth certificate is right freakin’ here, man.

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