Amanda Bynes may stay in psych ward

Amanda Bynes Mentally Unstable, May Stay In Psych Ward Until 2015

Everything has been quiet on the Amanda Bynes front, as it’s expected that she’s receiving treatment. Now news about the troubled child star has surfaced after her court appearance was delayed due to her mental instability.

According to Bynes‘ lawyer, the child star is still going for treatment in a California hospital and will need 18 months to complete that treatment. The last time we heard about Bynes’ condition she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and her parents were attempting to gain a conservatorship, so they could look after her well being.

According to TMZ Bynes is far worse off than it initially appeared. Bynes could be detained in a mental health facility for a year and a half receiving said psychiatric treatment.

TMZ has reported that the case will be a plea bargain, according to sources close to the case, and that there’s a major weakness in the prosecutor’s end. The case, of course is in connection with the incident that started Bynes’ spiral, when the actress threw a bong out of her apartment window in New York City.

In a curious update, Bynes’ mother is actually dropping her bid to gain a permanent conservatorship. According to sources, it’s not because Bynes is doing well, or that her mother is turning her back on her daughter, but Bynes’ mother is already protecting her to the best of her ability without the conservatorship.

It’s believed that Amanda Bynes is also on something called an LPS hold, which means that Bynes’ doctors have control over Amanda, more so than what her mother would have if she had a conservatorship.

So far Amanda Bynes’ mother has exercised her right and has admitted Amanda to a long-term stay at UCLA Medical Center to get prolonged treatment.

As it stands right now there has not been improvement to Amanda Bynes’ current condition.

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