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Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Autism

Daryl Hannah has autism

Daryl Hannah is an actress that was known for Blade Runner, Splash, Steel Magnolias, and Wall Street. Now, at the age of 52-years-old Hannah has made a shocking revelation, as she has announced that she’s had a life long struggle with autism.

Opening up about her autism diagnosis, Hannah, who claims she had “debilitating shyness” as a child, is finally talking about autism, and how it has affected her life.

Although Daryl Hannah claims that her autism affected her childhood, she has said that it’s now easier to manage her symptoms from autism. However, it must have been difficult being in the spotlight at one point, especially while dealing with autism.

Autism is a disorder that affects people in a way that makes social interaction and verbal communication and non-verbal communication incredibly hard, and in some cases, very restricted. Usually children are diagnosed with autism at the age of three.

Hannah opened up to People magazine and said that she had never wanted to be in the limelight:

“I’ve never been comfortable being the center of attention.” That statement alone would be hard to swallow for anyone who had once dated John Kennedy Jr. but now that Hannah is open about her diagnosis, there’s a different perspective on her struggles within the industry.

Daryl Hannah continued to open up about the daily struggles she had to endure because of her autism diagnosis:

“It’s always freaked me out. I’ve learned a couple of things that really would’ve made my life easier if I’d known them 20 years ago.”

Of course, 20 years ago Daryl Hannah was still one of the most sought out woman in Hollywood. In one instance, Hannah revealed that she hid her diagnosis from film producers and then refused to do promotional work for the film, “not because I was above it, but because I was terrified.”

Although now Daryl Hannah isn’t in the limelight or starring in lead roles, the actress has said that she is happy where she is in her life.

Hopefully Daryl Hannah’s struggles will open more eyes to autism.

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24 Responses to “Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Autism”

  1. Sally Greer Haas

    Are you freakin' kidding me?! The woman does not have autism! If she has anything it's delusional disorder or maybe just plain stupidity! Ugh….

  2. Betsy Potter

    A number of celebrities have claimed to have autism or a form of autism (Asperger's Syndrome). I don't believe any of it. Shyness is a personality variation and is not related to autism. In fact, not all autistic or Asperger children and adults are shy. Some of them are quite the opposite of shy. Maybe someone told her she was, but they were wrong.

  3. Xavier Christopher David FitzSimons

    I suspect Asperger syndrome, which is an autism spectrum disorder.

  4. Renee Allen

    Daryl Hannah WAS NOT IN "STEEL MAGNOLIAS" and neither did this woman ever suffer AUTISM! Get your facts straight; Julia Roberts (who looks nothing like Daryl Hannah, by the way) was cast in "Steel Magnolias" and being shy is not "autism", you idiots!

  5. Anonymous

    This is the most dubious claim of autism I have ever witnessed. Breathtaking. Anyone that I know that has Asperger's or "autism" could never function in Hannah's world, and so all I will say is that if it is even possibly true that she has even a whiff of autism, it is the most wonderful, least affecting form of the condition know to all mankind..

  6. Amanda Valadez

    This is the worst written article of all time. Daryl hannah has LONG since been out of the 'closet' of autism. As well as Dan Aykroyd. Unfortunately this article makes it seem like she was just shy. I was severely autistic as a child, non verbal, meltdowns, you name it, I did it. My story is a long/hard story about living with Autism, but since I have the ability to type on the computer…..people simply do not believe me. So instead of judging Daryl Hannah on the basis of this poorly written article that makes shyness = Autism (which if shyness was all I had, please sign me up!), how about people just not worry about it, and let her live her life without the judgments?

  7. Nicole Hitchcock

    Wow, looks like we have ALOT of doctors on the panel tonight! I don't see why any celebrity would "lie" an out being autistic. For parents raising autistic children, this is a huge victory. We need more successful high functioning adult role models to show our special kids that like their Nero-typical peers, they too, can strive to achieve whatever they set their minds to. Bravo to outing herself!

  8. Renee Allen

    Okay, I've done that and I responded to your private message, Donald Hogan. Oh and BTW, I guess it was HERE I responded to the misstatement regarding Daryl Hannah being in "Steel Magnolias", wasn't it? 😉

  9. Jerry Johnson

    Daryl Hanna was not diagnosed with autism as a child. Autism wasn't included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM3) until 1980.

  10. Alex Norton Dilkes

    This is not a "shocking revelation". I remember way back when "Blade Runner" and "Splash" came out I read several references to her childhood Autism diagnosis in magazine articles about her. I have Autism, so I found that interesting, and strangely comforting (tough time, when you're a teenager and different). So I remember this quite well.

    For those saying that if she had Autism she 'couldn't function'…excuse me? I've had a successful career, a happy 13 year marriage, and three great kids. I learned to fly a helicopter. I traveled to Africa, Europe and the Middle East. I can FUNCTION quite well in spite of my challenges, thank you. Kiss my Aspie a$$.

    Therefore anyone giving her crap about "suddenly" having Autism, or claiming they have special insight into what Autistic individuals can or can't do, maybe you need be a little better informed about Autism before you blurt out your opinion, eh?

  11. Alex Norton Dilkes

    LOL, the text/rant above the post up there isn't directed at my FB friends, btw. That was what I posted on the message board under the article, which is rife with ignorant bullshit, and FB dragged it along when I shared. :)

  12. Linda Goodman

    Yes but she is 52yrs old…times they r a changin, thank G-d! My mother, aged 89, had to wear a brace for a few years as a kid for her spine and my grandparents didnt want the neighbors to know…stupid…but we are movin forward and thats what counts!

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