Jon Hamm throat surgery

Jon Hamm: The Throat Surgery Sounds Worse Than It Is [Videos]

Jon Hamm is totally fine, impending throat surgery notwithstanding.

Several media reports this week suggested that the Mad Men star was in need of immediate medical intervention for a polyp (or two) in his throat, that he had been coughing up blood, and that he possibly has cancer.

Almost none of that is true, the 42-year-old actor confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel.

The heavily bearded actor said in a scratchy and strained voice that he will undergo “a very routine procedure” and that it sounds much worse than it actually is.

“I’ve got a polyp on my vocal chord. It sounds worse than it is, although it doesn’t sound as bad as how the National Enquirer reported it, which was that I was coughing up blood and probably have cancer,” Hamm explained. “I was like, ‘That’s good to put that out there. Thanks guys.’ Because you know, I cough up blood… never.”

But the rumor was enough to put his family on edge, the 42-year-old actor explained.

“My sister called me and was like, ‘Um, is there something you want to tell us?’ And I was like, ‘No, why?'” Hamm said. he continued, quoting his sister, “‘We just read that you’re probably going to die.’ I was like, ‘Wait? When? Who have you been talking to?'”

The interview also touched on the Emmys this year. Hamm said that together with Amy Poehler (yes, they’re buds) he hosted an Emmy “losers” party for everyone who missed out this past weekend. Winners could still come, Hamm said, but they had to leave their award behind and donate $1,000 for charity.

He also revealed that Mad MenSeason 7 starts shooting November 4.

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