Miley Cyrus wanted to break up with Liam Hemsworth at Valentine's Day

Miley Cyrus Wanted To Break Up With Liam Hemsworth On Valentine’s Day

Miley Cyrus apparently was done with former fiance Liam Hemsworth as far back as Valentine’s Day, probably earlier than that.

The twerking, tongue-wagging pop diva has said the reason for the break-up was Hemsworth’s less than faithful ways. There has been no comment from his camp on the allegations.

According to the entertainment blog Zap2it, Cyrus has been over her ex for months and her new hit single “Wrecking Ball” is all about how she was feeling at the time, when she was trying to come to grips that she wanted out.

“I wrote it while I was working on Valentine’s Day — emotionally it was such a hard time.” Cyrus tells Fashion magazine (via Us Weekly).

She ads the song is about the need to leave someone while not necessarily severing a relationship completely. “It’s a time when you want to leave but you can’t. It’s also about moving on.”

However, does that explain the tears you see on Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” video and the ones she displayed for all to see during her performance of the song at this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival?

Obviously, things are still very raw for the former Disney star, especially after the public announcement of the couple’s split and Hemsworth apparently moving on with Mexican actress and singer Eiza Gonzalez.

But in a recent Rolling Stone magazine interview the pop singer admitted that the tears were actually related to her dog recently passing away. Ouch.

It seems that Miley had already been through the roughest part of letting go of Liam Hemsworth at that point in time.

Shockingly enough, Cyrus said the original MTV VMAs performance was a lot more risqué than what made it on TV. What?

“I was trying to slap Robin’s a** but no one saw it! Believe me! MTV edited so much,” Miley Cyrus says. “They cut almost everything I did. I’m proud of that performance. I feel like music is really stale right now.”

Try and digest that thought. (Video NSFW)

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