dakota fanning no makeup

Dakota Fanning Needs To Take A Shower

Dakota Fanning’s post-Twilight life has been busy, and, hot off the Toronto Film Festival, the vamp series star is gearing up to work with Richard Gere.

At the movie industry event, Dakota Fanning was on hand to discuss her new drama Night Moves, in which she starred alongside Jesse Eisenberg. After Twilight‘s polished, glossy feel, the actress dished on playing an activist in the release:

“It’s like I need to take a shower and purge the character from my body… It’s a weird thing.”

Of her role as environmental activist Dena, Dakota says that the part was a big departure from her previous work — she explains:

“Obviously this is not my most glam role ever… And it was such a relief to not care about the clothes or the hair. I had a dreadlock in the back of my head, which was fun.”

Fanning adds:

“But it’s also real life, because we tend to look bad more than we look good. I know I definitely do.”

The starlet also says looking fly is only something she values to a point — and she doesn’t get why some women take it to more extreme levels of discomfort:

“But it’s like people who wear high heels in airports. I don’t understand that. Sure, if you’re going to be photographed, but what if you had to get out of the plane? That person could end up killing the rest of us because they’re going to puncture the slide on the way out.”

Next up for Dakota Fanning after Night Moves is the indie drama Franny alongside Richard Gere and Theo James.