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Alexis Bellino And Gretchen Rossi Fired From ‘Real Housewives’

alexis bellino

Alexis Bellino and Grechen Rossi will not be returning for the next season of Real Housewives of Orange County.

According to E! Online, Bellino and Rossi have been fired from the show and won’t be featured in the season nine cast.

Bravo has not commented on the casting change but an inside source told the entertainment magazine that producers were already meeting with new potential cast members.

The insider said: “Neither will be returning for season nine. The feeling is both of their journeys on the show have come to an end… Bravo is constantly looking at the casting and dynamics and it felt like time for a change. Producers are currently meeting with new women.”

Rossi has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since season four. Bellino joined the Bravo show the following year.

Reality TV Magazine reports that Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi were both looking forward to the 9th season of the show and were shocked to hear that they were fired. A source said that producers didn’t feel that Bellino or Rossi had an interesting storyline to keep them for another season.

The source said: “Every season they look at how to shake up the cast. They needed new women and in order to do that they had to say goodbye to some of the current cast.”

Are you surprised that Bellino and Rossi won’t be returning next year?

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50 Responses to “Alexis Bellino And Gretchen Rossi Fired From ‘Real Housewives’”

  1. Denise Johnson

    I'm not surprised. Sorry but Gretchen had nothing to bring to the table and Alexis cried for the last 2 years on how she was wronged by everyone else. Goodbye girl

  2. Tony Wagner

    So Gretch won't get the big, televised wedding she was counting on. Now that her pregnancy is a private matter and not "for the cameras," do you think she'll still go through with it?

  3. Elizabeth Thankful Shannon

    I'm guessing that both of those trashy divas were asking for too much money. :-0

  4. Sandra Pizur

    I think the entire cast needs to be changed. No one has a clear story line. And I would hate sitting through the entire show waiting for Brooks to fill up Vicki's tank!!!

  5. Anonymous

    Just get rid of all of them. Tamra got married and everyone else is doing fine…move on!

  6. Symone Hollywood

    Tamra and Vicki need to go too! They are both too old to be acting the way they do. Vicki's scream is annoying and Tamra and her wanna be tough girl act and now trying to play victim act is beyond annoying!

  7. Laurie Pruett

    Heather should be fired. She interesting. Surprised that she is on the show. Not interested in her "acting career" and neither is anyone else.

  8. Nicole Weeden

    "andy cohen just makes mistake after mistake………" You nailed it. I feel the same way about New York.

  9. Kim Michelle

    Wow! Why not get rid of Heather Dubrow? That woman was a horrible addition to the OC cast with her snooty "goody-two-shoe" advise and her constant bragging about her career her house her husband blah blah blah….I will miss Alexis and even Gretchen although she and Slade did push their story to the max. Thanks Andy screw this one up like you ruined New York and see how many housewife fans your able to retain.

  10. Liz Feeser-Regan

    So they keep that troll's Vickie and Tamra, just what story line do either of them offer other than yelling and hate? Also Heather miss D Lister goodie two shoes who thinks she is better than everyone else, she gets on my very last nerve.

  11. Anonymous

    yea no more Slade , no more poor me Alexis and her controlling husband!! And Vicki really needs to go!! And really wasn't crazy about Heather this season and her "all about me" attitutde!!

  12. Kristin Langford


  13. Anonymous

    VERY Surprised! I don't think I'll even watch it anymore! Sure, fire the NICE girls!

  14. Michelle NA

    not surprised about alexis – she's been boring for a while. bravo probably didn't want to pay for gretchen and slade's wedding…

  15. Jennifer Currier Jakiel

    and I wish t hey would have dumped snob of the world Heather with them–she has an interesting story line??? She's a pretentious beyotch–what exactly is the story line? her new house and guest starring on a show? zzzzzzzzzzz

  16. Brenda Barteck

    But they kept Tamra? Don't get me wrong, I had no love for either Gretchen or Alexis, but I would think Tamra would go too…except for the fact that she just married a clearly gay man.

  17. Rebecca Gonzalez Simpson

    LOL Brenda! There'll be some new blood at RHBH – should be interesting to watch!

  18. Brenda Barteck

    They need to find a way to publish these shows for people that refused to pay Comcast blood money. Sadly, I can't even find a good European website that has uhm, less restrictive copyright laws that recast them like I can for other cable shows. Damn you Andy!!!

  19. Anonymous

    Fire Vicki!!!!! Can't stand her BIG mouth and bossiness. Plus, she's the liar of the group. I'm very disappointed to see Gretchen leaving, I really liked her. Alexis, ok she's leaving, I'm ok with that one, never got really attached to her. Bravo, hope you listen FIRE VICKI!!!

  20. Anonymous

    And there going to keep Lydia( A.K.A Yoda) she has to be the most boring person on reality T.V

  21. Anonymous

    What!!! Get rid of Tamra & Vicki!!! Same old nasty women that really aren't that interesting. WISE UP Bravo!!

  22. Toni Sheposh Sheffield

    Vicki is the one who should go I am not a fan of Bellino but would take her over Vicki any day….I'd take Atilla the Hun over Vicki and Tamara is running a really close second these days.

  23. Toni Sheposh Sheffield

    I read recently that Slade was actually one of the original creators of the show…something tells me he'll be involved in some way.

  24. Maryann Felinski

    Hold on Now!..Why get rid of Vicky? She's the one person that keeps it going for Drama. She's the very reason I like to watch the show BECAUSE she is so Bitchy!..LOL I think the rest of the characters are BORING… Especially Heather and her husband. If anyone acts like they are Gay its her husband..LOL

  25. Kelly Edwards Kakouras

    It's because they were the most normal ( as normal as can be on reality tv) on the show and didn't like being nasty to each other like Tamara, Viki and Heather. They weren't mean enough! I'll miss them!

  26. Michelle Hejza

    oh please they all lie out there silicon enhanced liar liar holes

  27. Natalie Jarreau Badeaux

    I am sure I want be watching anymore…so this just tells me this is all ACTING!!""

  28. Natalie Jarreau Badeaux

    Really wit out these two girls,, they will all be gone soon..cause they thrive on picking on these two good girls here..its fun seeing them all friends today and enemies to mm.

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