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Dexter Finale Spinoff Sequel Likely, Rumors Include Harrison Or Young Dexter Prequel

Dexter Finale Spinoff Sequel Likely, Rumors Include Harrison Or Young Dexter Prequel

The Dexter finale left fans cut in two, with some happy or sad, but now a Dexter spinoff sequel seems very likely.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the released Dexter finale is different from what the former producer originally had in mind.

Showtime entertainment president David Nevins seems to be indicating that a Dexter finale spinoff sequel is certain:

“We spend a lot of time talking about how we keep the show alive, so it may be a more complicated original idea than just a spinoff…. We’re nowhere yet, but I do feel like Dexter is such a core franchise to Showtime. Arguably, Dexter is to Showtime what Spider-Man is to Sony or Batman is to Warner Bros., so I think it’s going to be important for us to keep it alive.”

In addition, Dexter executive producer Scott Buck signed onto Showtime with a two-year contract for unspecified new projects, some of which may be related to the Dexter finale. David Nevins didn’t say specifically this was the case but after announcing the deal he said, “Draw your own conclusions.”

After the Dexter finale, there’s also the question of what form a Dexter spinoff might take. The original rumor stated the Dexter spinoff would follow the Dexter finale and feature Debra Morgan as the primary character, but Jennifer Carpenter, who played as Deb Morgan, said, “I think I have played Deb from start to finish.”

Other Dexter spinoff rumors include the idea of following Dexter’s girlfriend Hannah around. More likely is the idea of jumping into the future to see the fate of Harrison, Dexter’s son who was also “born in blood” at one point before the Dexter finale. Another is the idea of following the characters at the Metro Police Department still alive after the Dexter finale.

Dexter fans are voting that the best idea for any of the Dexter finale spinoff rumors is having a Dexter prequel featuring a young Dexter learning “the code” from his stepfather, Harry.

With the Dexter finale behind, what rumored direction would you like to see the Dexter spinoff sequel take the series?

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31 Responses to “Dexter Finale Spinoff Sequel Likely, Rumors Include Harrison Or Young Dexter Prequel”

  1. Caleb Michael O'Connell

    Remember that Dexter is not dead, so a spin-off series could still be about him, Hannah, or Harrison. The way the series ended leaves it open. It would be a different story if Dexter had died, however, he did not. I would love to see a spin-off sequel about Harrison and Hannah with their difficulties of living without Dexter, and possibly trying to find him and make him come to his senses.

  2. Jessica J

    I'd like to see Dexter, in this new place, being a serial killer. everyone he comes close to ends up dead (which they do) Deb, Harry, etc he's now totally dark and is fighting to see the light within him that went out after Deb left.. It would be awesome to have him as an almost evil character with small bits if good rather than the opposite which is what he usually is. Letting himself go is an exciting plot idea 😀

  3. Neil Taylor

    Maybe dexter has no memory and the sight of blood brings back flashes of memories urges that he can't figure out and returns to maim to figure them out and Hanna sees about lost dexter and has too return to reconnect with a confused dexter

  4. Tony Parisi

    Should continue with Dexter at his new lumber job, and only this time he sees Debs ghost who gives him advice like Harry's ghost did.

  5. Charles Davis

    I can't see a show about Dexter the Lumberman. The blood spatter scientist was a far better role for him to play off. He needs to get back into the "official" homicide game somehow.

  6. Mindy Roffle

    Keep in mind Michael C Hall has been interviewed on many occasions saying he is DONE playing Dexter and is ready to move on with other roles…

  7. David Whitehead

    I'm hoping that ending leaves the door open for a new series; I wrote a synopsis in my head as to how you could make a further 3 series and have a spin-off with the Miami PD in a straight-up police procedural series with Batista etc.

  8. John Greenewald Sr.

    I think the only sequel has to include Michael C. Hall, and hopefully Jennifer Carpenter could also return as a conflicting messenger to Dexter from the dead, clashing with the father. Dexter will be driven to seek out and find Harrison and watch how he is growing up. Money talks and the cast could get big money for a sequel. Even the Waltons never died and still have reunions, by the way they are overdue for another one. :)

  9. Matt Janosko

    Funny how you mention Batman, since Dexter used the ending from tDKR…

  10. Pat Seguin

    How could a show about Dexter be a spinoff? Wouldn't that still be Dexter? I guess maybe the lumberjack scene left him alive so it's plausible to continue the show. I'd like to see the show continue for sure, but a show about Dexter after the storm wouldn't be a spinoff, it would be just a continuation which I would watch for sure. Kind of like how they are bring back Jack Bauer and 24.

  11. Ryan Munro

    I think the best would be following miami metro, had some great characters, batista, masuka, quinn. Now obviously Deb is out of the question. Would love to see that happen though and perhaps a few seasons in Dexter could make an appearance for one of them at least. Supposedly showtime wants to keep the Dexter franchise alive. Be interesting to see how they do that without Dexter himself.

  12. Michael Thompson

    if they ever do that will probably be like 10 years down the road once Harrison gets older and goes searching for his father.

  13. Luke Morris

    money talks tho, look at liam neeson with the taken movies, he said he was done and noway there can be a taken 3, then gets offered 20mil and hes back!

  14. Luke Morris

    i like this idea, it would bring life back into the series showing a truly dark side of dexter, he could be a dark evil killer not knowing his true identity after the accident and he could have visions coming to him about his past but takes time figuring them out

  15. James Winston

    If Scott Buck is the executive force behind the spinoff, then no way. I don't care at that point.

  16. Samantha Huenecke Newman

    It stopped being good like 2 seasons ago, so I can only imagine the badness of a spinoff.

  17. Mike Radke

    I kinda hope we see him as someone different, a killer with out a code maybe dexter is known as Harrison now

  18. Jason Godfrey

    Prequel or Harrison. A Hanna spin-off would probably piss me off.

  19. Kyle Tiffee

    I find it difficult to do a spinoff on deb seeing as she's dead, how are you going to pick up after the finale?

  20. Allison Nicole Taylor

    Personally, I think it would be best to either do a spin-off prequel of Dexter learning "Harry's Code" and showing just how neglected Debra felt during that time, and show how Hannah's life was before Dexter as well with Wayne Randall, and then throw in Dexter's life now and Hannah and Harrison's lives without Dexter.

  21. Allison Nicole Taylor

    Then maybe find a way that Hannah and Harrison find out that Dexter is still alive and out there in the world and them trying to find him

  22. Angus Duncan McKay

    We should see Dexter forced to return to Miami for some reason, like having Hannah's life threatened and on the news, forcing Dexter to come out of hiding, realizing he can do good, but ultimately has to stay alone with fear of having them die, just like everyone else he's included in his life. Maybe even some plotline where Dexter is actually responsible for Hannah's danger. Once he is back in Miami, Quinn spots him. They realize he isn't dead, he's the one who took Deb's body from the hospital – no other woman can measure up to Deb for Quinn and he's become a heavy drinker – Batista juggles supporting him and at the same time urging him to move on, distrusting that he spotted Dexter… Quinn starts to track Dexter down so he can get the truth out of him.

    If Showcase can actually bring about some decent plotline along these lines, it will rectify the terrible build ups and let downs between Dexter and Quinn… Like when Letty is killed and Quinn can tell Dexter is involved…

  23. Angus Duncan McKay

    Please don't do a Prequel…. it will just ruin the franchise even more then the shabby writing, filer content like Batista and Laguerta's relationship which ultimately goes nowhere and has no bearing on the main drama in the season….

    We need to see Dexter as a ruthless killer, no more Code no more Relationships…. Just him being projected into the everyday lives of Evil men and women who don't expect a monster like him exists, resulting in their downfalls….. This could be a Spinoff with a different name, but following directly after the events of Dexter's finale.

  24. Travis-phoenix Williams-wright

    1. Dexter is torn because all he wanted was to be human. He grows weary of waiting his life out and tries to kill himself. The suicide failed and he has a flashback to where Arthur Mitchell tells him he has a purpose. He tracks down Harrison and Hannah to find an older Harrison and Hannah. Hannah passed the code down to him seeing he was also born in blood. This reminds dexter of what he lived for once and now he not only has a person that understands him but a family. The family of killers begins their new journey.
    2.hannah is killed in Argentina and Harrison now 15 looks for Dexter. They are reunited and sex finds out what happened . He teaches Harrison the code and the Morgan's begin their hunt.

  25. Tony Montalvo

    They should redo the finale and write episode 96 into a dream. That final episode was the cheapest copout in history. Ill rather have 95 bad episodes than this crappie ending.

  26. Anonymous

    The finale was perfect. It will be hard to follow up.

    But I do like the idea of catching Hannah & Harrison a few years later, Dexter finally deciding to get closer — maybe at a distance at first. Hannah realizes he is still alive, and someone in the meantime, is after Hannah for a past poisoning. Harrisson should be old enough to do something that shows he is the son of Dexter. I would definitely watch that…

    But if the series ends here, it's fine with me too.

    Love it.

  27. Karla Martinez-Garza

    I feel like there is nothing good to watch. I miss Dexter!!!! He was a cool character. A sociopath, yes. A killer, yes but he lived by his CODE. Any law enforcement related personnel would that this guy is a character of fiction. He does not exist. Dexter only killed people who didn't deserve to walk among the innocent. There is no sociopath with that kind of moral code. Moral code? As ironic as it sounds when you worked around real killers, rapists, child molesters, and robbers. You really don't want them around. That behavior doesn't change it may be dormant for a few months or years, but it comes back. Dexter was the guy we loved to get those really bad guys. Showtime please give him back to us.

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