The Voice

‘The Voice’ Returns To NBC For Season 5 After Emmy Win

The Voice, Season 5 will make a triumphant return to NBC fresh from winning an Emmy on Sunday night, but with something too prove.

The spinning red chairs are back tonight after a long hiatus. And also returning are original coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green who both took a break for Season 4. The were replaced by Colombian singer Shakira and R&B star Usher.

NBC has been promoting the new season as the best one yet and recently debuted a clip dubbed “the best promo ever” in anticipation of opening day at The Voice.

The air is filled with excitement as everything returns to the way things should be with the return of Aguilera and Green added to the other two originals, Maroon 5 frontman, Adam Levine, and country mega star Blake Shelton.

“There’s only one group of coaches that initially made the show successful, and I love the fact that the purity of that is back again.” Levine recently told The Huffington Post.

Which is a bit of a strange comment since Shakira and Usher are expected to return to The Voice for season 6. But Adam Levine is known for being opinionated, so it will all be good.

The reality TV show has been criticized by some for not turning their winners into stars, a la American Idol, who started careers for Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson for instance.

So far The Voice has failed to do so. Of course, transforming into a mega star won’t happen overnight, but non of the previous four winners is out there with hit singles to their names yet.

Anyway, the show has to prove that its winners can be successful outside of the ring, literally (the ring in which the battle rounds take place).

We can surely expect Blake Shelton to rub it in with his three-peat credentials. The country singer is not shy about giving it to the other coaches after winning the competition three times so far. (That’s three out of four.)

“I don’t even want to win. I just want him to lose.” Adam recently joked.

But the bromance will also make a comeback between Shelton and the recently engaged Adam Levine. That is always fun to watch.

The Voice Season 5 returns to NBC