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Mila Kunis Tells Ashton Kutcher: ‘Give Demi Moore The $25 Million’

Mila Kunis pregnant?

Mila Kunis has been dating That ’70s Show co-star Ashton Kutcher since the beginning of 2012. She now says she is “sick” of the ongoing divorce settlement battle raging between Kutcher and his ex-wife, Demi Moore.

The background of Kutcher’s divorce from Moore is based on allegations that he cheated on her. The couple formally split in 2011 but the divorce terms are yet to be determined. Moore wants a massive $25 million from her ex-hubby, a large sum of money even for a Hollywood actor.

Mila Kunis has reportedly told Kutcher that enough is enough, and is urging him to come up with the money and agree terms with Demi Moore.

An anonymous source spoke to the British publication, Closer: “Mila told Ashton to just give Demi the money, it isn’t about winning. She’s sick of this hanging over their heads and them not being able to move on with their future together.”

Even though it is widely believed that Demi Moore is still hurting from the break up, the couple were spotted looking very relaxed at a US airport earlier this month.

The inside source continued to discuss the nature of Ashton and Moore’s dynamic:

“Demi and Ashton were perfectly civil when they met up, but she’s still hurting. Perhaps this is the only way to keep power. They talked about the divorce, but they still haven’t been able to agree on the exact settlement. Ashton has had to pursue Demi – he even had to play nice and say: ‘Tell me what you want to sign.’ He’s just desperate to get everything finalised.”

What do you think about the massive sum that Demi Moore is requesting from Ashton Kutcher? Do you think he should just pay up so that he can give his full attention to his new partner, Mila Kunis? Share your thoughts in the feed below.

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45 Responses to “Mila Kunis Tells Ashton Kutcher: ‘Give Demi Moore The $25 Million’”

  1. Karen Sheppeard

    I think that he should just pay her, after all what is money when you can have happiness?

  2. Anonymous

    It never ends with the ex-wife. He should give Mila $25 million to stay with him.

  3. Lisa Marshall

    I think she should have never been involved with a man that young she is just plain silly men are mostly about sex anyway grow up and shut up

  4. Denise Dave Olinger

    I think he should be asking her for money, after all I am sure she got a big settlement from Bruce Willis.

  5. Raymond Appenzeller

    No, not exactly the right amount of settlement. This isn't chump change here. They need to negotiate a better settlement than that. First off did she help his career or loan him large sums of money? Did he make most of his money before getting married to Demi? There are no children involved here at all. Is Demi going broke and looking for money? Demi has her money from being a Hollywood star. Granted Aston is still young enough yet to recoup some of the loses here. But, it seems he is being extorted to get out of this marriage. That is not really fair now is it. What did Demi do to be owed this large amount of money? Did she stop her career because of Aston? I do not think that is her problem why she is tanking in the movie industry. She is getting older now and the roles are not coming her way any longer. She also has a rumored mental condition of being unstable. Sad but true! She needs this money for her sinking career and for old age. Think about it. I am not trying to been hurtful, mean or spiteful. I am just analyzing the entire situation for the outside and making logical speculations. I could be totally wrong as well.

  6. Robert Corey

    she's just a lame golddigger like most women…she doesn't have enuf money from bruce and her career? than she lived beyond her means and didn't spend her money wisely…money isn't everything people…

  7. Alice Cochran

    Demi I am sure got enough money from Bruce. With her it is about her ego not the money. Common sense should have told her their age difference would someday make a difference. Get over it Demi and find true love and happiness before you get too old…

  8. Deanne Sevier

    The promise made was until death do us part not until my wanker finds something better. You want a future Ashton then pay up and move on.

  9. Maria Perez

    No he should not give her that money!!! Why???? She has enough of it, why be greedy???? And she should have known better…..a young man will sooner or later will be wanting a family and a woman his age. Been there done that. Get over it Demi and move on. It is a tough lesson to learn but then who said life was easy.

  10. Carol Faver

    tooooo late….she's already too old. When stars begin to bitch about what their ex husband/wives did, are doing and want to do, they are over the hill and have nothing to offer except the power play of money. Demi has fallen into that trap.

  11. Beth Beal Roseboro

    Suck it up Demi. You asked for it. He's not only 100 years younger than you, he's 100 times hotter. SO, quit being the child and let the child get on with his life. BITTER MUCH?

  12. Tammy Marie McPherson

    He should just give his attention to Milan so yea hebshiuld just giver her the moneybanf get it over with

  13. Tammy Marie McPherson

    He should just give all his attention to mila. So yes he should just give her the money to get it over with

  14. Lynette Jones

    I don't think any of us should make a judgment call based solely on this Yahoo article. That's what the courts are for. However, I do agree with Mila that the money shouldn't be the only thing to stand in their way of moving forward as a couple. Regardless of how it's settled, the real winners are always the lawyers!

  15. Anonymous

    Please I don't care. Could you please publish something that is more than someones personal life?

  16. Meme Sosoui

    "…even for a Hollywood actor." That is lazy writing. I had to go the extra step to see that Kutcher is worth $140 million. As an unemployed person, I am getting sick of seeing all these frivolous, poorly written, celebrity articles.

  17. Bill Wilman

    hey ashton give her the money, then demi, give it all to a charity he hates, just to piss him off, you really don't need the money, but a charity could use it ,, hahahahahahahaha

  18. Sean Sopata

    Holy rich people problems, batman!
    Most people seem to be divvying up the debt when they get divorced. Meanwhile, these people are fighting over amounts that would let most people retired and never have to work ever again.

  19. Levernier Kathy

    $25 million to Demi to get a Divorce-Really?to a wife who did whipp it's? & smoked incense & pot & drank till she was sick?? Really? Plus was anorexic…. Demi was a wife clearly with her own agenda-and it was NOT on the same page as her husbands-what did she do to keep her marriage ? Lets see-to get in the Charlies Angel movie she had $1/2 million in Plastic surgery done on face & body to look as young as the 3 girls-oops COULD she have been trying to be as young as her kids??That's why she was going to the bars with her daughter & hanging with her & NOT being `the'mom but the friend

  20. Tanya B Gabrielle

    I don't think ashton should pay demi that amount. Demi needs to just move on and stop being bitter. Cherish the good times you had together as it was never going to last. As for mila I don't have any sympathy for her. I can't help but think was she dating him in secret before they became news. She is so wrong for dating a married man whether ashton and demi were right for each other. Hollywood women better watch out for kunis!!

  21. Estanislao Carter

    Like 25 mill grows on trees?! I dig Mila, but she's coming off as an entitled whiner that doesn't know the cost of things. Sometimes business is business.

  22. Herbert Bert Sterling

    It's bizarre. One of the richest women in Hollywood, at one time not long ago the highest-paid actress in movie history, starts dating this little boy, little Michael Kelso, and marries him, and now HE has to pay HER? It's just bizarre. It's like Ivana sending Donald an alimony check.

  23. Michael Rich

    You don't know what the fuck you are talking about…but above

    w/ a brain knows how trite

  24. Alicia Gonzalez-Jebreel

    Ashton, you took Demi's best years of her life and took advantage of her popularity to get where you are today making the money !! You no longer needed her so you go on like a free man by dating all these young chicks !! You have over 300mi … thanks to Demi… she's only asking for 25m, she should be asking for more from a man whom used her to get ahead — So, thanks to Demi you have all this money… BE A MAN AND PAY UP !! And remember Mr.Ashton, what goes around comes around !!

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