Chelsea Clinton political career is on hold, she tells 'The Daily Show'

Chelsea Clinton Political Career: Not Right Now [Video]

Chelsea Clinton’s political career is on hold for now, the former first daughter said on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

It seems politics runs in the blood with the Clintons, but as for Chelsea, much like her mother, she’s waiting it out. Her intention to stay out of politics for the moment has its purpose, she told Jon Stewart.

On The Daily Show Thursday, Chelsea Clinton promoted a business of which she is vice chairman, the now-named Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation. She plans to moderate a panel on non-communicable diseases (such as heart disease) as she helps next week on the Clinton Global Initiative, and has no current plans to go into politics as she works with her parents.

The foundation may be a way to raise funds for Hillary Clinton’s possible return as a Presidential candidate in 2016, but that is only speculation based on word of mouth from supporters.

Chelsea Clinton’s political career was brought into question when she appeared on The Daily Show with no book, movie, or political agenda of any kind to promote, other than perhaps the Clinton Foundation.

Corinne Gammon, 20, vice president of George Washington University’s College Democrats, claims otherwise:

“I think it says she’s looking to get involved. I don’t think you go on ‘The Daily Show‘ if you’re not looking to be in the public spotlight. A lot of young people watch ‘The Daily Show,’ so she is reaching out to people in her demographic, the people she would want to support her if she were to run for office.”

Chelsea Clinton’s political career actually started at a rather young age, she confessed on The Daily Show, as she would play the opponent in debates with her father at the age of six in order to help prepare him for the real thing as he was running for Governor of Arkansas.

As for now, though, former first daughter Chelsea Clinton’s political career is on hold as she promotes her parents’ foundation.

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