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‘Parkland': JFK Assassination Drama Has Four New Clips [Videos]

Parkland four new clips

Parkland is the new film from Peter Landesman about the aftermath of JFK’s assassination has four, brand new, dramatic clips to share with all of us.

The film centers on the chaotic moments immediately following the tragic killing of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 while he and wife Jacqueline were on a visit to Dallas, Texas.

Zac Efron plays Emergency Room physician Jim Carrico who was on call that fateful day, along with Marcia Gay Harding in the role of Doris Nelson.

The dramatic images show how the president was rushed to Parkland Hospital to receive attention for the deadly wounds and the doctors’ futile efforts to save his life.

Parkland has not been welcome with open arms by critics, with a 54 percent rating on the site Rotten Tomatoes, but the audience gives it a 92 percent as the release dates approaches.

The film also stars Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder, the amateur photographer who capture the entire chain of events while he was attending the parade route.

Parkland also stars Billy Bob Thornton as the head of the secret service, who were heavily scrutinized following JFK’s assassination due to what now seem obvious lapses in the security of the President. Case and point, the decision to allow the President to ride in a convertible with so many high rises surrounding his motorcade.

James Badge Dale plays accused killer, Lee Harvey Oswald’s brother.

In summary, Parkland,is an account of the historic events surrounding JFK’s assassination in 1963, from the perspective of those closest to the characters central to the defining time in our history.

The new clips offer a more in depth look at the different individuals portrayed in the film.

Parkland is produced, among others by Tom Hanks and Bill Paxton. The movie opens in theaters on October 4.

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2 Responses to “‘Parkland': JFK Assassination Drama Has Four New Clips [Videos]”

  1. Rose Rosetta

    Two-time New York Times No. 1 bestselling author Dr. Jerome Corsi will appear with George Noory on the nation’s top overnight radio talk show, “Coast to Coast AM,” Tuesday night and Wednesday morning to talk about his newest – and most personal – book, “Who Really Killed Kennedy?”

    Who Killed JFK?

    Date: 09-17-13
    Host: George Noory
    Guest: Jerome Corsi

    burisch "railroad man" "DAN's PRIVATE FAMILY PHOTOS" "We are NOT identifying the “Railroad Man” at this time" "Just so happens that Harry Burisch (Majestic, deceased) was assigned, under normal Majestic"


    “1963: A week after Kennedy had his nut cracked with the help of a grassy knoll railroad man who looks suspiciously like D's real father” D = Dr Dan Burisch Crain

    scribd doc


    Corsi begins approx 40 minutes in:

  2. Per Andersson

    Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas is not only the place where President John F. Kennedy died, but also where his assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, and where Oswald's own assassin, Jack Ruby, all died.

    Was it a conspiracy that all these people died in the same place, or was it Parkland?

    Parkland has come under intense fire from government health care regulators, at one point lost its Medicare status, and are on 7 straight years of federal probation for serious patient safety care lapses and billing fraud. Many patients who come to Parkland die for no reason at all.

    You can read about the back story about Parkland on the website, "The Parkland Orgy of Death."

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