[VIDEO] Oh hi, new Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack

In the video below, you can get your first look at the ‘First Strike’ downloadable map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Available on Xbox 360 from February 1st, the pack includes four new maps and a specialized zombie map, and introduces new features, such as zip-lines, auto-turrets, and destructible scenery (in this case, an ice bridge that can be blown up by grenades, which promises many lulz). It’ll be hitting PS3 and PC … some time in the future.

The new maps include ‘Kowloon’ (where the zip-line appears – you can get to places faster, but can’t use your weapon while you hang on and are thus exposed to enemies), ‘Berlin’ (with its auto-turret guns), ‘Discovery’ (with aforementioned icy bridge of doom), and ‘Stadium’ (close-quarters scrapping, and therefore devoid of sniper scumbags).

It’s all detailed below in this splendid video, and will set you back 1,200 Microsoft Points (about $15) when it does arrive.

[Via press release]