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Man Cuts Off Testicles, Storms Into Church, And Delays Wedding

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A wedding in England was delayed after a man who had reportedly cut off his own testicles stormed into a church under an hour before it was set to start.

The incident occurred on Saturday in Brentwood, UK, and the unnamed man was then taken to a local hospital for treatment. A florist and vicar were the only two people in the church when the deranged man stormed into the building.

He then apparently began to throw chairs around the church, and, in the process, he simply soaked the floor with his blood.

They then looked to attend to the clearly injured man, but they were soon confronted with various wedding guest who were left perplexed as to why they couldn’t enter the building.

One guest who arrived in time for the ceremony was apparently told by the vicar that they couldn’t enter the church, and,when they asked why, he brazenly told them that he had sliced off his testicles with a pair of scissors.

The wedding guest told the Brentwood Weekly News, “When I went in the church, I saw something on the floor which I could only describe as flesh, which I thought was part of his arm but that was one of his testicles.” This guest added that he was surprised that the priest hadn’t passed out due to the blood and shock.

The man who was taken to the hospital was then taken for a mental health assessment by police.

Officers planned to shut the church as it was now a crime scene; however, they decided that they would allow the wedding to take place just half an hour later.

The bride wasn’t informed of the devastation that had occurred just before the happiest moment of her life. The witness did add though, “There was a bit of an atmosphere. The bride didn’t know anything about it, I’m sure she does now. But it took place. I’m surprised the vicar held it all together.”

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One Response to “Man Cuts Off Testicles, Storms Into Church, And Delays Wedding”

  1. Randall Johnson

    The practice of cutting off one's own genitalia goes back at least as far as the ancient Romans and the Cult of Attis. Attis is a precursor of the Christ figure, and the early Christians borrowed much of their iconography from Attis, including "The Good Shepherd" and the Pieta (Mary holding the crucified Jesus, except that originally it was Cybele instead of Mary). Cybele was the proverbial "older woman" (an early version of a cougar). When Attis and Cybele were caught up in a pesky love triangle after Cybele began fancying another young man, Attis seduced his competitor, invoking Cybele's wrath. Attis "deflowered" himself as self-punishment and died (although not quite – another story for another day). The Roman devotees of Attis were called Galli (Latin for rooster or cock). They would celebrate Attis' death and resurrection after three days (coincidence?) by bringing a pine tree into the temple and decorating it with shiny baubles and other less savory things. Further proof that there is nothing new under the sun.

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