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Patsy Swayze, Mom Of Patrick, Dies

Patsy Swayze lost her son Patrick to pancreatic cancer in 2009, and at 86, has died.

Patrick Swayze was arguably best known for his role in Dirty Dancing— but did you know mom Patsy Swayze was a dance instructor?

Born in 1927, Patsy instructed the likes of Tommy Tune and Debbie Allen during her career as a dance teacher — you know, like her son portrayed so accurately when he played the larger than life Johnny Castle.

In her own work, Patsy Swayze worked at the University of Houston, was a choreographer for the Houston Playhouse Center and the Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet Company, and worked on films such as Hope Floats and Urban Cowboy before Patrick hit it big in the dance-centric 80s classic.

Patsy Swayze moved to Simi Valley, California later in life, where she resided when she passed this week. Back in 1991, she spoke about moving to California’s less glitzy regions, saying to the Los Angeles Times:

“It was rural, like Texas, and the three children still living at home could have horses and dogs.”

Swayze was mom to Patrick and five other kids, and was devastated to lose her son to cancer just three years ago.

Patrick Swayze was 57, and a devastated Patsy said at the time that “you know you’re not supposed to outlive your children.” Of Patrick’s illness, Swayze lamented:

“I would know but he never talked about it. He was just convinced that he was going to live through it, he never lost hope. He never wanted sympathy, he just kept going. Even when he was so sick he could hardly walk, you wouldn’t know it. He never wanted to be a burden to anyone.”

Patsy Swayze’s cause of death was not supplied.