Big Brother Contestant Aaryn Giles Tries To Mend Image As Racist

Big Brother Contestant Aaryn Gries Denies She’s Racist, Plans To Write A Book

Big Brother contestant Aaryn Gries still denies that she’s a racist.

On Wednesday’s finale of Big Brother, the situation regarding Aaryn even seemed to overshadow Andy Herren’s win. Viewers tuned in to see if CBS would confront Aaryn on her racist behavior and whether Aaryn would be contrite for her behavior. They weren’t disappointed.

Weeks after America watched the 23-year-old Texan berate fellow contestants with racist insults both to their faces and behind their backs, Aaryn emerged on Big Brother finale night still, claiming her remarks inside the house were taken out of context.

For those who didn’t follow the Big Brother racism controversy, Aaryn Giles was one of a handful of houseguests on the show this year to make racist remarks.

Aaryn’s vitriol was particularly strong against Candice, a mixed-race contestant. The two got into a fight after Aaryn flipped Candice’s mattress, and Aaryn responded in the tiff by adopting a stereotypical black dialect to mock Candice.

When Aaryn Giles was voted off the show at the end of August, she faced a grilling from Big Brother host Julie Chen. Aaryn at first tried to say the accusations against here were overblown, but after Chen read word-for-word the racist things Aaryn had said, the college student was left with little reply.

“I do not remember saying those things,” she said. “That was not meant to be serious, and if I said those things I feel horrible because I regret that.”

But on finale night, Aaryn seemed to remain defiant, saying America was misinterpreting her comments.

But Aaryn did have what seemed an unlikely backer. After she was booted off the show and sent to the jury house, it seems Aaryn was able to make peace with Candice. In an interview after the finale, Candice said Aaryn came to understand why the things she said were wrong.

It seems a lot of healing may have taken place in the Big Brother jury house. Candice said when it her turn to make a selection for movie night, she picked The Help, which opened Aaryn’s eyes to the racism blacks face in America.

It remains to be seen what will happen for Aaryn Gries now that Big Brother is over. Though she may have made strides in the Big Brother jury house, she still returns to a life where America has branded her a racist, and her modeling agency fired her for the racist remarks.