Sarah Hunter: Fetish Model Loses Job Over Nude Photos

Sarah Hunter: Fetish Model Loses Job Over Nude Photos

Sarah Hunter has lost two jobs over the past two months due to her work as a fetish model, but the 27-year-old who goes by Lady Clankington online says she isn’t planning on giving up her racy work anytime soon.

Hunter has amassed quite a following online, but as her popularity grew word of her side work reached her daytime jobs. In the last two months the model said she’s been fired from her job as a bartender and another as a hostess.

“I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve done,” Hunter said. “I don’t regret any of the experiences or anything.”

Sarah Hunter is not the first person to lose a job after posing nude online.

In May, a 26-year-old mother from Broward County, Florida, was fired from teaching at Martin County High School after skimpy and naked photos came to the attention of her principal. Using the alter ego Victoria Valentine James, the teacher (whose real name is Olivia Sprauer) had posed in photos for XXXTremeVisionRadio Magazine and

Sarah Hunter said she doesn’t believe posing nude online should necessarily be grounds for dismissal.

“As long as it doesn’t affect the work that you’re doing now and you show up on time and you do your job and you’re good at it, it doesn’t seem to me that other jobs you’ve had in the past have had any impact on that,” Hunter said.

In the meantime, Sarah said she plans on looking for another day job, but isn’t ashamed of her nude modeling either.

“I know plenty of very educated, very intelligent women, myself included, who get into the sex industry because it’s what they enjoy, it’s what they like and they’re good at it,” Hunter said. “But that doesn’t, in any way, make someone less capable of doing any other kind of job.”

Sarah Hunter still shows off her work online, including a portfolio of modeling shots and “pinup shots.”