The NFL fined Brandon Meriweather for two violent hits Sunday

Redskins Brandon Meriweather Fined $42,000 By NFL For Multiple Helmet-To-Helmet Hits

Apparently giving himself a concussion wasn’t enough of a lesson for Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather. The NFL has fined him $42,000 for two helmet-to-helmet hits against the Packers last Sunday.

Meriweather, a notoriously hard hitter, paid the price for his crimes in more ways than one. Early in the game He unleashed a monster helmet-to-hemlet hit on Packers running back Eddie Lacy. Lacy left the game with a concussion, and Green Bay turned to James Starks on the ground.

Starks ending up rushing for over 100 yards and scoring a touchdown.

Later in the game, Meriweather crushed Starks with another helmet-to-hemlet hit. The hit was so hard Meriweather gave himself a concussion. As far as injuries go, it’s a little embarrassing.

It’s also a great example of why defenders should not lead with their helmets when they tackle. It’s just as dangerous for them as the player they’re hitting.

The NFL, unsatisfied with Brandon Meriweather’s self-inflicted concussion, slapped the safety with a hefty $42,000 fine. Only two players have gotten larger fines this season, Ndamukong Suh and Dashon Goldson. Both were taken to the bank for $100,000. Goldson was originally suspended for a game and not fined. When his suspension was overturned, the league fined him.

Since 2010, Meriweather has paid NFL close to $200,000 in fine for violent hits. Maybe his concussion was karma.

In the big picture, losing Brandon Meriweather to a concussion is not good for the Washinton Redskins. They have looked nothing like the team that won the NFC East last season. RG3 looks scared coming back from knee surgery, while the defense has been gashed early for huge scores.

It’s surprising Meriweather was not suspended for his hits against the Packers. It may have to do with the fact that he was not flagged for either hit during the game.

Do you think Brandon Meriweather should have been fined and suspended?

[image via Wikimedia Commons]