green river killer victims

Green River Killer Victims: More To Come?

The Green River Killer victims are more than expected.

Gary Ridgway, otherwise known as the Green River Killer, suggests that the most recently revealed victim in his serial killing spree may be just one of many more to come.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ridgway purportedly confessed to the killings as an act of kindness and closure to the families of the slain.

Area authorities have vowed to attempt to continue the search for the Green River Killer victims. The Sheriff’s Office detective at the time, Dave Reichert, now Representative Reichert, says it is important to continue the search for the Green River Killer victims:

Is it important we find every victim? Yes. Can we? I don’t know. Maybe. But, you can’t depend on Ridgway to do it for us. The guy is a devil, he’s evil and he’s a lying… I won’t finish the sentence.

Apparently relying on the serial killer for the information needed to continue to find his victims isn’t always the best idea. In 2003, Gary Ridgway plead guilty to 49 murders, making his the 8th largest body count among serial killers. Reichert believes the remaining Green River Killer victims may never be found and that Mr. Ridgway uses the killing spree as a nostalgic escape down memory lane to pass time in jail.

“The way he survives is by thinking about those things he did, replaying those things in his mind, especially those he didn’t have to share with police, those are his secrets. Those memories are his memories. He owns them. And, that’s how he can sit in that cell and continue to live.”

But, despite the closing of King County’s cold case unit due to budget cuts, the search continues.

Do you think more of the Green River killer victims will be revealed?