Green River killer says he wants to help find victims bodies

Green River Killer Wants To Assist Police In Locating Missing Victims

The infamous Green River killer has given his first interview since the life in prison verdict was handed down, now he says he wants to help police locate missing victims, which he murdered.

Gary Ridgway, known as the Green River killer, says that he killed 80 women, not 49 as was previously believed.

Ridgway stated he might be able to help locate some of the bodies which have never been found, of course that would mean recalling exactly where he dumped those bodies during the eighties.

The Green River killer told KOMO radio station that he was kept in a van, by the Task Force when scouring the sites in which he had dumped the bodies of his victims during the 2003 search and would like to revisit each site on foot to search for more remains.

“Ridgway is a sociopath and pathological liar” who likes notoriety, said King County sheriff Sergeant Katie Larson, who was a member of the task force.

The Green River killer terrorized the Seattle area in the eighties and was arrested in 2001, when due to advances in forensic science using DNA, a sample of saliva led authorities to his capture.

He pleaded guilty to 48 murders in 2003 and agreed to help police find the remains of his victims. In 2011, he pleaded guilty to yet another murder.

According to Seattle, the deal Ridgway struck with King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng, required him to admit guilt in all the killings that took place in King County. Maleng agreed not to seek the death penalty.

The serial killer remains a suspect in many other disappearances in the state and other areas across the US, but has yet to face charges.

Gary Ridgway was named the Green River killer after the area in which the first bodies were located.