Aaron Alexis may have been taking prescription drugs

Navy Yard Shooting: Was Aaron Alexis On Psychiatric Drugs?

Navy Yard shooting suspect Aaron Alexis may have been taking psychiatric drugs prescribed by military doctors.

As we previously reported, Alexis — the civilian contractor and former Navy reservist who shot dead 12 people in Washington before he was killed by police — was apparently suffering from serious mental health issues and was undergoing treatment since August at the Veterans Administration for his issues.

According to self-named “health ranger” Mike Adams, the VA’s sole treatment for mental problems comes in the form of drugs. Adams also maintains that the common denominator for most of the mass shooters is that they were on these mind-altering, doctor-prescribed medications. Media reports have also suggested that Alexis was hooked on violent video games such as Call of Duty.

Alexis also was involved in at least one previous gun incident in which he allegedly fired as hot through the floor of a neighbor’s apartment in Fort Worth, Texas. He was arrested but ultimately never prosecuted.

The Dark Knight shooter in Aurora, Colorado, may also have been taking prescription antidepressants.

Writing on the Natural News website, Adams claimed, “Across the medical industry, ‘treatment’ is the code word for psychiatric drugging… Those prescription medications create feelings of detachment in people, making them feel like they ‘playing out a video game’ rather than acting out in the real world… This combination is repeated over and over again in violent mass killings: psychiatric drugs + video games = mass death.”

Adams added that with its pro-gun control agenda, the media is ignoring “the far more dangerous chemical holocaust taking place in our nation due to the widespread deployment of psychiatric drugs” and that “a mind-altering medication in the hands of a violent video game addict with extreme anger issues is a catastrophe waiting to happen.”

According to ABC News, “The phrase ‘psychotropic drugs’ is a technical term for psychiatric medicines that alter chemical levels in the brain which impact mood and behavior.”

Do you think that prescribing (or over-prescribing) pharmaceutical drugs to patients in the name of mental health creates a danger to them as well as to society?