Justin Bieber Angers Batman Vs. Superman Fans With Instagram Script Prank

Justin Bieber’s ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ Prank: Get A Grip Internet

As Internet pranks go, Justin Bieber’s mental molestation of superhero film fans, specifically the Batman Vs. Superman brigade, was a corker.

Somewhat awesomely, the pop star hasn’t even gotten around to explicitly confirming his Instagrammed snap of a seemingly legit copy of a watermarked Zack Snyder/David S. Goyer script tagged “#robin??” was a fake.

[Note: As of a few hours ago, however, the teen singer retweeted a new “Funny or Die” tease with Chris O’Donnell.]

That was left to The Wrap who cited a source, saying,

“A person with knowledge of the real script assured The Wrap that the photo Bieber Instagrammed over the weekend is not authentic, and is most likely part of an upcoming Funny or Die sketch.”

But even without the source’s clarification, the fact the 19-year-old tweeted a huge red flag hours before he posted the Instagram (“Off to do something funny or…die )” should have prevented the resulting histrionics that kicked off.

Justin Bieber Teases Batman Vs. Superman Photo With Fake Script On Instagram