WTF? Gucci Mane gets ice cream tattoo covering like, half of his face

So, Gucci Mane was recently hospitalized for some kind of psychiatric issue relating to a case in which he is using some kind of psychiatric issue as a defense.

Per the NYDN:

Mane claimed in court on Jan. 3 that he was unable to “intelligently participate in the probation revocation hearing.” He was then committed to a mental health facility, where he was to be evaluated.

It is unclear why he was released or what it means for his probation status.

So he goes in the hospital. He gets out. And right away, he goes and gets a tattoo covering half of his face. Did he get “Mom?” A picture of one of his progeny? Even those stupid-ass hipster sparrows? No, Gucci Mane’s face tattoo is of a three scoop bearing ice-cream cone, with the word “Brrr…” above it. It’s not even a well-drawn ice cream cone. It looks like something a first grader with the Capri Sun shakes knocked out in grade school art class.

And how did the world learn of Gucci Mane’s ill-advised facial tattoo? The tattoo shop tweeted it. So if you’re famous and looking for a seriously inadvisable permanent facial modification, this guy will do it for you. He’ll tell the world, but he won’t even like check to make sure you’ve just been treated for mental health issues or are not the best candidate for laser tattoo removal treatments.