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X Factor 2013 Contestants: 13-Year-Old Rion Paige Audition Goes Viral [Video]

rion paige

Rion Paige, the 13-year-old X Factor 2013 contestant, wowed the judges in her audition with her amazing voice and confidence. Young Rion stood her ground when questioned on stage by the judges.

Her cute little cowboy boots and curly hair were complimented by her southern accent and bubbly personality. What makes Rion even more amazing is that she is blind in her right eye and has arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, a disease which affects her joints.

None of this seems to hinder the young star as she indicated when she was questioned: “Sometimes, I just get really frustrated whenever I can’t accomplish something that I think [sic] I could. So music helps me to be able to explain my feelings.”

It goes without saying that Rion Paige received a standing ovation from audience and judges when she finished her rendition of Carrie Underwood’s Blown Away.

Judge Demi Lovato said to Rion after her performance: “Rion, I’m just so impressed with you right now and I cannot believe the struggles you have had and how positive you are. I think everybody in this room can learn something from you today.”

Simon Cowell added: “I think you’re literally extraordinary. I really do.”

It is hoped that all of the promising X Factor 2013 contestants will amaze us with their talent as America seeks its next X Factor winner. We will be keeping a close eye on Rion Paige though, and won’t be surprised if she goes all the way to the top.

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2 Responses to “X Factor 2013 Contestants: 13-Year-Old Rion Paige Audition Goes Viral [Video]”

  1. Michael Jay

    does Xfactor really feel that putting people on with physical problems is good entertainment……Why isnt it about the music and the people who never had a shot. I give it maybe another season before its cancelled. Not even going to watch this year. My friend made it on there this year and they played him like a fool. Just havent seen it air yet though their using him in commercials. SHAME ON YOU XFACTOR. They made him sing the song!!!!!!

  2. Lauren Jackson

    In my opinion you are a bitter little man. What's to say a person with a disability can't have a talent and have the courage to put themselves out there for idiots like you to hate on. You would rather the disabled stay in the corner, out of sight so that they don't offend your sensibilties. Rion Paige is as Simon said, beautiful in every way. And yes, she really can sing.

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