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Navy Yard Shooting Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Incident False Flag Attack

Navy Yard Shooting Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Incident False Flag Attack

The Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., has already spurned conspiracy theories, with radio host Alex Jones leading the way.

In the hours after the attack, Jones speculated that the Navy Yard shooting may have been a false flag attack committed by government agents disguised as shooters in order to put into effect new policies restricting personal liberties.

Jones promoted his Navy Yard shooting conspiracy theory on Twitter, writing, “Who will the Navy yard shooting be blamed on? Terrorist? Tea Partier? Leftist? Lone nut?”

He elaborated more on his theory saying “when you have multiple shooters like this, it has patsy written all over it.”

Reports are still hazy on the details of the Navy Yard shooting, but police have said one gunman has been killed and the search is on for two other possible suspects. There is no confirmation of whether multiple shooters were involved in the attack.

Alex Jones has been known to spin conspiracy theories about large-scale attacks on American soil. In April he said the Boston Marathon bombing also had the markings of a false flag attack perpetrated by the US government. Jones said the true intention of the bombing was to expand the Transportation Security Administration’s reach to sporting events, though this never came to pass.

Jones once posited a theory that the Department of Homeland Security was stockpiling weapons and ammunition to either overthrow the United States government or keep citizens from owning guns. He also accused the government of manipulating weather patterns to devastate Moore, Oklahoma, with tornadoes.

Alex Jones’ Navy Yard shooting conspiracy theory has brought about strong reactions online. While many followers have tweeted in support of him, others called the allegations that the shooting was a false flag attack “disgusting” and accused Jones of being little more than a media hustler.

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14 Responses to “Navy Yard Shooting Conspiracy Theory: Alex Jones Calls Incident False Flag Attack”

  1. Ian Da Ous

    If you know American History, it's replete w/ false flags. The sinking of the sinking of the Maine, Gulf of Tonkin, Bay of Pigs…just to name a few… it's the conspiracy deniers that are crazy… ignorant at best.

  2. Civil Sadnaton

    alex jones' "conspiracy theories" usually turn out to be the true story and admitted ( usually years later ). The discredited ones are the presstitute, main stream, state run media, not alex jones.

  3. Arthur Stordahl

    I have noticed this, prior to knowing who he was/is ran into a decade old web site. Sifted through news articles, and most are reality today. Which is why the MS media is floundering, do the same and the story changes from day to day~much less decade to decade.

  4. Arthur Stordahl

    With all the non-truths of Syria war pressing, we should question. It is getting rather obvious when hit pieces of fictitious nature are used to indict a 'conspiracy guy'….thinking mainly of TV. Several articles have had good balance and portray the man, as well as the mask. He is a bit ummm 'overly enthusiastic', not my cup of tea, but too each their own. He is #1 @ waking ppl up to reality-luv him or hate him, prove him wrong-either way you can find the truth. Read documents and decide for yourself-never buy into something which is over the net/TV….much is simply not true.

  5. Anonymous

    he's absolutely right..what'd the bomber tweet about how no one listens to the minority? the funding that occurs in the wake of these things is astounding & well, the weather machine shit is just too much..colorado? fuck..peace

  6. Anonymous

    I called it 'false flag' after listening to the first reports. They couldn't even keep their story straight. It has all the markings of a false flag, and is in line with the upcoming gun-control speech. I don't listen to Alex Jones, however, I have and he is pretty accurate. He's been talking about the NSA spying for the past 7 years. Just about everything he reports, eventually turns out to be factual. I just wish he didn't give me such a headache, and he is always trying to incite a riot which rubs me the wrong way. This incident is no doubt false-flag terrorism, and there was more than one shooter, and it wasn't this aaron alexis patsy.

  7. Vicki Wood

    Love how this article says the ammunition stockpiling is an accusation, inferring it to be untrue. This has been proven and conceded by mainstream sites. Love how they say he accused the govt. of sending the tornado. He never said that. A caller asked if he thought that could be the case. He said that while there is weather control, there are patents for it even, but he said the tornado was likely a natural event. The Boston bombing is so full of holes it's pitiful, and so is the dead acquaintance of the older brother (who worked for the CIA) that was shot 7 times by the FBI during "questioning" at the unarmed kids house. How many times did the FBI change the story? Spin it some more, why don't you? Eventually maybe you'll get dizzy and fall on your face.

  8. Anonymous

    1/8" sheets of alum will not slice through 14" columns not matter if you roll it into a hollow tube or fasten it together with rivets. NO PLANES, liars, and no brains made 911 happen. They lied to you guys and you ate it up. The media is 100% criminal judeomasonic banker tool to rob and enslave you. But that can't happen to you. You watch Jon Stewart (Liebawitz real name). He's so honest.

  9. Anonymous

    Alex Jones was hired by the judeomasonics to make sure you blame "gov" or U.S. and not the judeomasonics. 911 he was brought in to steer the blame. YOUTUBE: 911 VANS:'SPLAIN THIS

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