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Jaden Smith: Everyone Should Drop Out Of School

Jaden Smith Thinks Kids Should Drop Out Of School

Jaden Smith believes that the world would be a better place if everyone dropped out of school.

The Karate Kid remake star didn’t win any new fans when he posted the comments on Twitter. According to the famous 15-year-old, everyone would be a lot smarter if they simply turned their back on the public education system.

“If everybody in the world dropped out of school we would have a much more intelligent society. School is the tool to brainwash the youth,” Jaden Smith explained.

Since the young actor believes public schools are the root of all stupidity, this means babies are essentially the smartest human beings on the entire planet.

“If newborn babies could speak they would be the most intelligent beings on planet Earth,” Smith observed.

Not surprisingly, Jaden’s tweets drew the ire of several people. Shortly after the actor’s post started making the rounds on Twitter, fans and detractors alike criticized Smith for encouraging his fans to drop out of school.

“Will, you need to get your son. He is on Twitter talking bare foolishness, sounding like an inmate. He really upset with those tweets. Don’t you listen, kids,” one user wrote.

“Jaden Smith is acting like half of the people who drop out aren’t damn near completely illiterate,” another explained.

As of this writing, Jaden Smith hasn’t addressed the controversy surrounding his Twitter comments. If you’re curious to see some other Twitter reactions to the actor’s strange suggestion, then have a look at the posts embedded below.

Are you shocked that Jaden Smith suggested that people should drop out of school?

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15 Responses to “Jaden Smith: Everyone Should Drop Out Of School”

  1. Jennie H Spooner

    He is right we are highly intelligent beings school just dumbs us down and gets us prepared to be slaves to the government to learn submission and to not complain when they take more than half our paychecks and pollute our earth .he is right so very and scary right !!!

  2. Jan Zee

    He's so stupid . . . his momma needs to beat his but all the way to Timbuktu and ground him to his room AFTER taking away his million dollars worth of toys and replacing them with educational books. Don't let him out until he writes a report on every one of those books as well as a letter of apology to the children and educators of the world and a promise to at least finish high school with a 3.0 GPA or higher. This must be witnessed and notarized by responsible persons who are not his parents.

  3. Sarah Mauriel

    Jennie H Spooner Are you insane? Thoughts like yours is why the education system is this country is down the drain. This kid has really bad parents which is why he is even allowed to say that. You seem like an adult, what's your excuse?

  4. Jennie H Spooner

    what is taught is not enhancing the real human mind ,,it all has to be redone. insults make you not an adult would take 3 pages to explain all this ..which I will not put here . education is calculated and formatted so the power elites can resume their life …

  5. Lori Williams

    Get the young man a history lesson. At one sad time in certain parts of this country it was AGAINST THE LAW for a person of African heritage to be taught to read and write. Now he wants to people to drop out. His comments are an insult to everyone who had to struggle to get into school.

  6. Crash Asuras Rex

    My favorite part of the entirety of you trying to back this child up is YOUR obvious lack of education. How old are you? You cannot even formulate a proper sentence or provide coherent grammar. People like you "supporting" statements as well as children providing these statements makes it stand out tenfold how much education is needed.

  7. Henry Slater

    Jaden Smith is fucking 15, and anyone who takes a 15 year old's opinions seriously enough to write an angry article back at them is automatically lower than the 15 year old them self. At least he's thinking critically about things at the age of 15. I bet half of you guys on here weren't thinking like that at his age. He's a child, and he'll mature. Let his dad deal with this you half-wit fucks.

  8. Anonymous

    hey he is right, why go to school & get an education ? U can always play some kind of ball,football, basketball, golf etc, or take part in talent shows, be an actor or singer. Let those poor immigrants from other countries be the doctors, the engineers, the scientist, lawyers, entreprenuers etc. U guys jus chill , go work for 7/11, macdonalds or hooters. Yes, listen to jennie, education is evil . Jus chill & play ball,who needs to learn, maths, science etc …… no one. its all jus a waste of time, when u can learn to be a rock star..Leave the learning & studying to the immigrants

  9. Jalen Epps

    Crash Asuras Rex Jennie is right. She is not saying education is not key. I believe she is stating that the school system right now does not serve the needs of children and young adults in this day and age. From an early age we are taught to conform with others values, how to become a good employee, and to not think for ourselves. John D. Rockefeller, when helping to establish the Board of Education, once said "I do not want a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers."
    Also its funny that you all condemn her for trying HER opinion instead of reevaluating your lives at the moment. How you respond to someone reflects onto that person how you feel about yourself and what type of emotions (positive/negative) are in your mind.
    The reason why Jaden stated it is because he was raised by parents who taught him how to live a very successful life even without public education. If more parents were the sames kids would not need public education, for they would put time forth to educating themselves instead of doing things that do not truly benefit them.

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