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Bill Cosby Talks To Don Lemon About ‘No-Groes,’ Black Fathers

bill cosby no-groes

Bill Cosby sat down with Don Lemon on CNN and had some harsh words for young black men during his interview.

Both Bill Cosby and Don Lemon have, in the past, come under fire for their views on black culture — with the latter drawing ire for agreeing with Bill O’Reilly about racial stereotypes and saying at the time:

“In my estimation, he doesn’t go far enough… Walking around with your a*s and your underwear showing is not okay. In fact, it comes from prison. When they take away belts from prisoners so they can’t make a weapon. And then it evolved into which role each prisoner would have during male-on-male prison sex.”

Lemon’s remarks did not go over well, but Bill Cosby is at least as hard on culture when he makes his comments to the CNN anchor. Cosby talked a bit about having lived in the projects and being poor in the past, also coining a new term — “no-groes.”

Bill said:

“If you drug these people, and then you release them, and there’s no prescription for them to get to take to do the same thing, and they go back to the same place. Now, about this time, this is when you hear the no-groes jump up and say ‘Why don’t you talk about the good things?’ ”

Cosby continued:

“Because the good things happen to be taking care of themselves pretty well. We are trying to help those genius’, those not genius’, people who deserve, because they are human beings on this earth, in the United States of America, we are trying to get them in a position so they will understand and want to.”

Bill also told Don Lemon an anecdote about performing with Sammy Davis, Jr., and learning a lesson in humility and admitting fault — he laughed and recalled:

“[Sammy Davis, Jr.] said, ‘Bill, saying it loud don’t make it right.’ And so, every loud voice you hear yelling about something, and saying ‘Well you just — you lost us. You became a millionaire,’ the reason why I’m giving you this information is because I was living in the projects. I was not taking care of myself in terms of managing my education, and once the door opened and I saw quote, unquote, the light, I started to become very successful.”

Watch Bill Cosby above as he talks about black culture with Don Lemon.

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50 Responses to “Bill Cosby Talks To Don Lemon About ‘No-Groes,’ Black Fathers”

  1. Benny Cornett

    This isn't what young black men want to hear. The message they want to hear comes from Al Sharpton and obama, about how evil whites are stealing from black America and how obama is going to steal it back for them.

  2. Amy Lathrop

    More people might actually listen to Mr. Cosby if he didn't talk in such word-salads.

  3. Demond Taylor

    Why do you whites always bring up Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson when you attempt to generalize people you know clearly nothing about? When did Obama accuse whites of being evil? Your post is beyond ignorant. You might want to actually try meeting some blacks before you make idiotic posts about what young black men want to hear.

  4. Peter Leonardis

    imagine this bum who deserted a child he had out of wedlock preaching. he never saw the child for 20 yrs and when the kid confronted him he had her falsely arrested for extortion. she has since been set free and found innocent. this bum has had multiple affairs he admits to. the women claim he drugged them and had sex. he tells cop oh no, no drugs just sex great husband great message from a lowlife quit quoting him and find some good decent men and fathers to talk. cosby is a no good hypocrite a horrendous family man and dad. goiogle autumn Jackson the child he deserted

  5. Peter Leonardis

    a real great man he deserted an out of wedlock child. with all his money he pays off the mom 20000 to shut up. he has had multiple affairs he admits to. he is a lowlife. He is hypocrite who should shut up and go away and let real dads do the preaching

  6. Anthony Joseph DeAngelo

    Demond Taylor BO doesn't think whites are evil…as long as they're radical leftists. Just ask the Cambridge cop, or George Zimmerman, Joe the Plumber, or members of The Tea Party Movement, whom BO called "Teabaggers." That comment alone speaks volumes, as does sitting in the pew of Reverend "The US of KKK A" Wrights "church." But I know guys like you. BO could nuke Texas and you'd blame George Bush. Insofar as BO would prefer the company of Bill Ayers over that of Bill Cosby, you're right: BO doesn't think whites are evil. He just thinks people who don't view minorities as victims of whites are evil.

  7. Makiba Uboke

    I agree that if you have a child….you must take care of him or her….I don't think the Child Support Department do a thorough job…these boys get children then move on to impregnate the next girl. A young black male 19 years old recently babysit his girlfriend's 13-month old daughter said he got impatient with her and punch her in her stomach and the baby died. If welfare is ended…these girls will have to find ways to take care of these children that they bring into the world and maybe when the younger generation see their stress-filled struggle it may deter them.

  8. Paul Bishop


    Al is not calling white people evil. He is pointing out the systemic issues holding back people of color while he addresses the issues within the black community holding us back as well. Neither he nor the president has ever said that white people are evil.

  9. Christopher Wright

    Cosby also wanted to blame white Americans for the Russian mob hit on his son?! Camile took out a full page in the paper to vent about racism after their son was killed for "dating" a mobsters girlfriend!

  10. Joan Stanford

    Why do you always want to change the subject. Why don't you try and do something about the real issues versus harping on Bill Cosby who at least wants to improve the living conditions of everyone.

  11. Mike Goodwin

    Because we (all of us) apparently can't let the past be the past, some mistakes we never stop paying for. A shame really, yes, he's made mistakes, I've made mistakes, you (as in everybody), have made mistakes. There is no perfect being. It's real easy to point out the bad things. Negativity rules the world unfortunately.

  12. Peter Leonardis

    how about he goes away and let real dads who don't neglect don't cheat multiple times do the preaching how can a bad example be a good example by ignoring his past and admitting to nothing he is a hypocrite

  13. Sunshaded Basement

    Then you haven't met enough. I've heard a lot of people-black, white, & others-make ignorant statements all of the time and when faced with someone that is the complete opposite of those stereotypes they've bought into there is an immediate hostility, an immediate attempt to make all the b.s. that they've bought into real. Truth is you're ignorant and you're choosing to be that way. It's fine you have made a decision not to like blacks, but don't make excuses you're just a racist.

  14. Demond Taylor

    What are guys like me exactly? If you mean educated, intelligent, and very successful thanks for the compliment. I'm glad your small mind has allowed you to formulate an opinion of me based on a comment I made to another closed minded fool attempting to generalize just as you have attempted to do. Have you been to Wrights church? Or are you again generalizing his congregation because of snippet that was pushed by fox news? I'm glad you and Benny are so knowledgeable on the thought process of blacks in this country. Your continued obession with Bill Ayers, birth certificates, Rev Wright, radical letists, socialists and now your mention of George Zimmerman doesn't really help your case of being fair and balanced. Just because someone doesn't share your love of George Zimmerman, Joe the Plumber, Sara Palin, fox news, or the tea party doesn't make the a radical leftist.

  15. Gregory Bouchard

    Peter Leonardis Seems like th only people that don't like Cosby are BLACK people.

    because they don't want to listen to him and perhaps know he's right.

    I honestly have no idea about any affairs but I do know he has been a great role model. publicly. Unfortunately, you would rather have Misogynistic POS like Kanye and and Jazzy J jerk

  16. Gregory Bouchard

    Demond Taylor


    I was onsight manager for an apartment community in Madison WI.

    I was walking the grounds one night when I noticed a young black woman taking trash bags out of her trunk and putting them in one of our dumpsters. I knew she didn't live there so I asked her if she understood she couldn't leave her 15 bags of trash her.

    Ya know what she said to me?

    She said NOTHING ELSE. she just repeated F-U perhaps twenty times. while STILL unloading bags. she got back in her car still saying the same thing over and over again.

    I actually yeleld in her window as she started to drive away.

    "Great job reinforcing a negative stereotype of black people.

    She just gave me the finger and drove away.

    Now, lif those are the only black people i'm encountering exactly how do you think I should feel??

  17. Sunshaded Basement

    While Bill Cosby may have made his mistakes in the past like most people he has done more good than all of the other Hollywood cats and including some of your everyday folk criticizing. While I do not wholly agree with all of his statements, all the time, you all must take into consideration the era in which he was born and raised; there was a degree of conservatism to how things were approached-in style, matters of the heart, professional etiquette, etc. Seeing things change has always brought criticism from older ones. What gets me is that people are always so hard on Bill for speaking his mind and willing to lay into him over his personal indiscretion, but never carries such angst at the people that truly deserve it-like stars that only donate to charity for tax purposes or stars that will do a commercial with a sickly kid then shove them away from their body as soon as the camera shuts off. It always appears to me that people are forever looking to attack people that has their best interests at heart and chasing after others that don't give a lick about them. What I think is that most people are hypocrites and are only comfortable when they can find something negative to say about someone else and when they can't they start making stuff up and when that's not enough they wait like predators to pounce on something small as a way to make them feel good about some of the wayward decisions they believe they've made in life.

  18. Peter Leonardis

    Gregory listen to you. inspired by a deadbeat dad cheats on his wife then preaches down to young men about being good family men and fathers. he is a great role model lets all neglect our children and cheat on our spouses. God bless you st Gregory puke

  19. Demond Taylor

    If you want to formulate an opinion of an entire race of people because of your experience with one black female then feel free to wallow in your ignorance.

  20. CeeCee Parker

    Dude you just made all that up about Autumn Jackson. When you google her she did serve time in jail, would not submit to a DNA test to prove he was her father and got in trouble after that for once again for fraud! Make a case against him that is accurate and stop getting you facts from the National Enquirer!

  21. Peter Leonardis

    sorry cee cee she was released as innocent and he settled out of court a coverup as it was with multiple affairs. he now admits she is his daughter get some updated news deedee

  22. Yelaina Thompson

    @ Anthony Joseph . If you're going to criticize President Obama for labeling, why don't you also criticize the right for labels they use everyday. Your bias is obvious and so is your ignorance. I happen to agree with some of the comments made by Reverend White and every time I travel, I sense that people believe Americans are sick with greed, racism and war mongering. Every time I travel, this is evident.

  23. Yelaina Thompson

    @ Anthony Joseph . If you're going to criticize President Obama for labeling, why don't you also criticize the right for labels they use everyday. Your bias is obvious and so is your ignorance. I happen to agree with some of the comments made by Reverend White and every time I travel, I sense that people believe Americans are sick with greed, racism and war mongering. Every time I travel, this is evident.

  24. Terrence Payne

    Brother I take my hat off to you. People can't stand it went a intelligent black man brings facts to the table instead of mind numbing ignorance.

  25. Terrence Payne

    Brother I take my hat off to you. People can't stand it went a intelligent black man brings facts to the table instead of mind numbing ignorance.

  26. LaTonya RomiaBlue Kirkland

    As long as his wife forgave him, I'm guessing all of that has been long ago taken care of. But Peter is obiously still pissed about it. At the end of the day, this man through the millions of people he's educated either through the arts or in financial donations. Now Peter, if you want to still harp on him about an alleged illegitimate child – whether proven by DNA or not – you go right ahead. But the fact that his only son was murdered should make a negative person like yourself feel good because you appear to be a bit angry about his opinion.

    And Gregory Bouchard…not sure who you are but I'm a black female and I actually love Mr. Cosby; so please do not group all black people together as not liking him. He has paid his dues with racism, poverty etc and I understand his position. But when you have a culture of ignorance that's perpetuated by mysognistic messages in music, advertising and "reality tv", then the ignorant don't care because according to their society, they won't live very long anyway. Their lives are deemed invaluable by the justice system and if they do manage to make it out of adolescence, whatever wrong they may have done will be continuously thrown in their face no matter the good they do (or continue to do) once they've matured. Just like Mr. Leonardis can't let go of Cosby's past.

    Nevermind who the messenger is. Did you get the message? Carry on, people

  27. Anonymous

    Meet some young blacks, come on give me a break. When was the last time a white ventured into a black neighborhood with the intention of having a conversation. On one episode of Law & Order a elderly man hit a black kid on one of the streets of Harlem and sped away only to turn himself in with the remark "If you were a white man in an all black neighborhood and struck down a black kid would you stop"? Hell no! As for Al Sharpton and the rest of that trash (including Obama) they love to stir up trouble just to keep their black asses in the news and racial tension going. I dare to say racial problems are greatest within the Black race.

  28. Peter Leonardis

    never mentioned his son. his business should be with his wife but he keeps coming back preaching holier than thou. shut him up keep his crap with his wife leave young blackmen to be mentored by decent men I am not angry just don't like hypocrisy

  29. David Dobbs

    Bobby@ I personally met many people of all colors who are good decent people. I was Blessed with a Mother who raised us to NOT see in color, but what a person ahs inside. Good, decent or a dirtbag. You decide what side you sit on.

  30. David Dobbs

    Demond@ You whites> Please stop lumping people together, just based on the color of their skin. We are so much more than different colored sacks of meat. We are the sum of how we treat each other. I watch the little kids at my sons school palying and watching us old stupid people and they wonder why we can't get along. Christ said, We must become as the little children. We have a lot of work to do.

  31. Demond Taylor

    @Bobby That's unfortunate for you. I happen to know many well educated and affluent black professionals with wonderful families. I've had negative experiences with whites growing up in Oklahoma but I don't generalize all whites as being ignorant uneducated racists. I'm not sure were you live but remind never to visit.

  32. Marie Laport

    Mike Goodwin You are so right so I'm going to try to switch it up and ask folks like Crosby to talk with as much passion about the many young men of color who ARE doing positive, good things for themselves and others. Let's praise them, let's invite them to tell us what inspires them, what they're thinking about, how they envision their future.

  33. Demond Taylor

    Whats really sad and pathetic is that many of you think all black neighborhoods are crime scenes from law and order. I think many of you need to leave the comfort of your trailer and realize its a big world that you haven't been exposed to. I live in Gilford Forest in Atlanta which is predominately black and nothing starts under 350K.

  34. Anonymous

    Peter Leonardis
    where is that stated? I find nothing to that effect. Lots of stuff but not that.

  35. Kathleen Chaffin

    Anthony Joseph DeAngelo You must have a lot of time on your hands, lol. That was quite well put, and thought out.

  36. Anonymous

    African Americans are the only race of people who talk about themselves in a negative manner whenever the camera roll. Are we really sure 70 percent of black children are born out of wedlock or is it that 70 percent of black kids are raised by single parents. There is a difference between the two. People like Don Lemon and Bill Crosby are the good Negros I guess. Don Lemon has a life style that a lot of people don't approve of so he should know what it is like to be put into a stereotype. And Bill Crosby has cheated on his wife and had a child out of wedlock that he tried to hide. I think to keep talking about black men being bad fathers is just pathetic and puts black men into a negative box. There are some good black fathers just like there are good white, Asian and every race in between fathers. Also there are bad and irresponsible fathers of every race. Lack of a good education and poverty is one of the major drivers of aimless black young people. For those black people who like to talk about black people, let me give you a little something to talk about and figure out. Why are the schools in the black neighborhoods always rated so low. You send kids to these low performing schools and expect them to be rocket scientists. Also maybe if kids had someone to look up to they would do better. In most cases the kids have more sense then the adults. We want to lie, comment adultery and all other things wrong and expect the kids not to notice and come out behaving like perfect angels well it does not always work like that.

  37. Brian Schieble

    Demond Taylor You do realize that neighborhood is a serious outlier, right? Do you like to make what you believe are solid arguments with hand picked highly unusual examples?

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