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Terry Bradshaw Drops The F-Word on Fox Football Daily [Video]

Terry Bradshaw Gets Vegas Show About His Life

Fox’s favorite NFL analyst, Terry Bradshaw, found himself at the center of some controversy, after he dropped the F-word, in all its glory, during a commercial break.

The in-joke between Bradshaw and co-host Jimmy Johnson was caught on camera during one of the shows “sneak peaks,” which it gives from time to time, showing what is going on in the studio during a break.

Terry Bradshaw and Johnson can be seen laughing away as they walk onto the stage, at which point Bradshaw turns round to Johnson and says:

“Besides, I wouldn’t have f***** his old ugly-ass mother anyway. God dang. I’ve got more pride than that,” as the two men merrily laugh away.

Fox, of course, issued an official apology for the gaffe:

“FOX Sports apologizes for the inadvertent and inappropriate language heard during a commercial break on Friday’s edition of FOX Football Daily on FOX Sports 1. The personalities in the studio, including Terry Bradshaw, were unaware that we’d be going to the set live at that time. We apologize to Terry and viewers who unfortunately heard the comments. We are reviewing our procedures to make sure this does not happen again.”

The incident is highly embarrassing for both Terry Bradshaw and Jimmy Johnson. The network was clear in its full apology but at least it shows that there is a human side to celebrities and television personalities.

Do you think Terry Bradshaw should be punished in some way for his inappropriate joke with Johnson or perhaps just reprimanded? Share your comments in the feed below.

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20 Responses to “Terry Bradshaw Drops The F-Word on Fox Football Daily [Video]”

  1. Etta Simula

    The network should have reminded them both, "Remember guys, this is family programming, no cussing, etc.", and Terry and Jimmy ought to know better by now not to be bleeping around any cameras in a television recording studio – I would just reprimand them this time .

  2. John Gomez

    I don't feel that the use of this type of language is allowable. I feel the Fox should be at fault for not letting them know that their mics were on and they were live. Bradshaw should know better as well. BUT. If anyone should be repremended it should be Miley Cyrus for her ridiculous showing bad taste in front of all those in the live audience as well on national tv. I think there were probably more kids and teens watching that vs Fox NFL Friday edition…..don't you think?

  3. Nancy Bologense

    Reprimanded? For what? Speaking his mind? Get over it and then get a life. It's CABLE, not regular network, kiddies.

  4. Nancy Bologense

    Nice try. Christians DO cuss. Using the Lord's name is NOT what he did so stop being a nit-picker. You failed.

  5. Anonymous

    Just keep on fucking showing it and who fucking gives a fuck? Like fucking Bradshaw or Fucking Johnson don't use this word all the fucking time? We're a fucking nation of fucking fucks

  6. Anonymous

    Yours you stupid fucking fuck; if you fucking have to ask you're fucking stupid so it's your fucking MAMA fucking fucker…..

  7. Anonymous

    Ray Benitez he fucks little catholic fucking boys alfuckingright you fucking fuck.

  8. Anonymous

    This isn’t as much about swearing on TV as it is about a true glimpse into this guy’s character. It shows a complete lack of sensitivity, integrity and being just generally full of himself. This behavior shows he thinks he has the right to judge people on a superficial basis, because, after all, he is who he is. However, he does have psychological problems which he has been treated for and perhaps his character flaws are from these in combination with too many hits in the head which can cause early dementia. The result is doing and saying inappropriate things. If this is the case I truly feel sorry for him, I was always a big fan of his especially during his “glory days”. If this behavior is not related to a medical condition(s), shame on him. He’s just another “born again Christian” hypocrite and a jerk who is completely smitten with himself—and believe me the South is full of these hypocrites. He needs to eat some humble pie and do some soul searching, if he is even capable of this, and realize the hurt he causes when he acts in this manner. Sometimes age has nothing to do with being an adult but rather it is just a number that reflects the number of times someone has traveled around the sun. Mr. Bradshaw–look in the mirror, you are no spring chicken yourself and this woman that this comment was directed toward may have been a very nice person–thank God you rejected her. Grow up, if you are capable.

  9. Jeanie Moore

    Ray Benitez I don't know about his salvation or Christianity, but, I do know he used to appear on the Gaither TV shows occasionally.

  10. Henry Sto

    just terry being the jerk and insecure moron he has always been, saw in once a few years ago in Chicago, i was in the bathroom at Ohare airport and he just gets done taking a leak and walks over to me and tries to shake my hand, when i pulled my hand away, (he didnt even wash his hands and just walked out) he said, f@ck you, to which i replied, asshole! big deal, he was part of a Superbowl winning teams 30+ years ago, and he still thinks he is relevant.

  11. Kenneth Lawrence

    Don't judge all the people that are Christians, and the people of the southern part of the country based on one mans comments. Being a Christian does not always make you a better person, just a forgiven sinner. Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

  12. DC Phillips

    Jeanie Moore Right! I thought he was a different kind of guy. I held him in higher esteem than this comment. I'm REALLY disappointed. I would expect that of many guys, but, just not Terry. Sometimes folks say things when they're provoked, they ordinarily would not, maybe that was the case here. I can only hope. I remember Terry appearing on the Gaither Hour, as well. I thought that meant something. I guess we all learned a little lesson today. I think we should not put people on pedestals, though. I got the same disappointing feeling when Oprah travelled across country, by car, with her friend Gail King. She used some startling language that showed up on camera, and I was deeply disappointed in Oprah, also. They're just folks, I guess. But, it sure kinda hurts when they seem to take the LOW road at times, huh?

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