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Miss Uzbekistan Mystery Solved, Here Are The Facts

Rakhima Ganieva Miss Uzbekistan

Did you even know there was a Miss Uzbekistan, let alone an exciting Miss Uzbekistan mystery?! Well, look no further as Inquisitr has all you will ever need to know about the stunning 18-year-old.

The mystery begins with the fact that Uzbekistan is predominantly a Muslim country and as such doesn’t even run a Miss World competition. The plot thickens as we reveal the fact that the gorgeous Rakhima Ganieva, Miss Uzbekistan, never attended the university she put on her resume.

Miss Ganieva said that once she competes in the Miss World final later this month, in Indonesia, she wishes to focus her studies on becoming a lawyer.

The people at the Uzbekistan National Committee on Woman as well as the Uzbek Cultural and Sports Ministry have no idea who Miss Ganieva is. They said that their country doesn’t even have a Miss World representative.

All we know at this time, is that the young model from Uzbekistan’s capital, Tashkent, is competing in the upcoming competition. She is even featured on the official Miss World website saying, “I really want to win.”

According to Zhavlon Momolov, a rep from the Tashkent based Pro Models agency where Ganieva trained when she was younger, told reporters: “If there had been a process to choose a young lady for this competition, I can assure you that a much more beautiful model would have been chosen. I’m sorry that Ganieva is choosing to build a career on lies.”

What do you think about the Miss Uzbekistan mystery? Having seen her picture would you like Miss Ganieva to appear as a contestant at the Miss World finals in Indonesia? Let’s hear your comments in the feed below.


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36 Responses to “Miss Uzbekistan Mystery Solved, Here Are The Facts”

  1. Anonymous

    If she's going to win, I think she's going to have to do a lot more lying – and since everyone now seems to know about the lying she has done, I don't expect she'll be the winner. Even if that doesn't stop her, I think she really needs to pay a lot of attention to attire and looiks. Neither bespeaks a winner.

  2. Anonymous

    Miss World is not a free pageant where a random girl can walk up and say "Hello, I'm here to represent uzbekistan", and they would go print off a sash from copy machine.

    there is an organization that got permission from Miss World to send this girl. It might NOT be a uzbekistan based organization.

    There have been instances of Miss Afghanistan or Miss Iran appearing in various other international pageants- and when the question came up of "did she even win a national pageant in the muslim country she is wearing on her sash?" and the answer would be "no, she is a model living in america with duel citizen ship, and the people who sent her are an american based modeling agency."

    not saying that is what happened here for Miss uzbekistan- just that it is possible

  3. Lee Hawkins

    Hell, we have a president that has gotten away with it, give her a chance. You never know.

  4. Anonymous

    Lee Hawkins, We have a president who has gotten away with what? Competing in a beauty pageant as a representative of Uzbekistan? I'm pretty sure that would have been on the news :-)

  5. Jim Sales

    To let her compete is unfair to the rest of the contestants who went through rigorous and stressful elimination process to win their country's title. Definitely NOT.

  6. Jase Valentine

    She should parade in another pageant. I have no beef with her, good luck and all.

    But ANY of you 'journalists' should be up in arms that ANY one would not be actively enforcing both a legal injunction in their own countries against any of their citizens showing in ANY pageant held in a Muslim country!

    I find it extremely hypocritical that you are not foaming at the mouth over the incredible human rights violations of Muslims everywhere against women. I find it even more hypocritical, and in fact obscene that you not ramming home total boycott of this 'pageant' because of the Muslim outcry and threats of violence against them, and the women in them.

    "And, here, effendi, we have walking the runway, the obviously nubile one from Lesser Lower Outer Darknessstan, in her daringly completely opaque full-coverage burqqa, as are the other 189 receptacles identically clad, as

    the captive Jannissary Reed Humanatone Corps plays from the pit(and chains), the Official Anthem of the Pageant of Beauty in the Dar al Islam Over the Dar al Harb, " The Bolt of Wool Here, a Yard of Veil There: You Ain't Never, Never, Gonna See A Girl In There."

    "Ah, praise be to Allah, to allow to not see these women! Such a righteous place to be the living in!"

    "Death to America! . . . Ooh, excuse me, I didn't mean to say that! (Oh, very well, I did.)"

    If your 'story' had substituted any name other than 'Muslim,' 'Islam,' or 'secular humanist,' you'd have been snarking all over it, and shredding it with your sharpened claw. Feh.

  7. Craig Faustus Buck

    I say let her compete. She's shown more initiative and creativity than any legitimate contestant. Her entry is no more farcical than the beauty pageant industry itself.

  8. Don Mitroff

    I say they make a new rule, that if a country does not send a representative, then the first woman at the competition with a valid passport from that country is in. I like her initiative. Kids in the US could learn a lot from her.

  9. Anonymous

    Ratings should go way up for the show from Indonesia. Especially during the swimsuit competition. The Al Qaida Sunnis or the Shiites will try to kill her or bomb the pageant. They are not religions, but desert tribal warfare ideologies.

  10. Ricky de Guzman

    She lied and unfair to other contestant…..Don't allow Miss World tainted with lies…..remove her and sent her back home…

  11. Anonymous

    dl_petty obama is so phony even you did not understand Lee Hawkins' comment. Is he Barry Sotereo or the Commie Davis' son, obama's son or is he the reincarnation of the dead guy whose SSN he is using. Wake up now you need another dose of the Kool-Aid. Don't forget your tinfoil hat.

  12. Cyclonus W Bailey

    So how does this story equate to the mystery being "solved"? To me, te mystery is how did she get past everyone and into the competition without any credentials, etc.?

  13. Angela Conner

    Well, she is a beautiful girl. I think it is very brave of her to compete even if she did lie to get into the contest. I believe she is trying to make a broader statement. I believe she is fighting for other young women in predominantly Muslim countries to have more freedom and more rights. I wish her luck.

  14. Pamela A. Matteson

    I'd wonder if she is planted there for further trouble at the pagent?

  15. Artemis Aedhlynn

    sniper_too Hmm this picks your name? Interesting. Sniping about our president, when the real question was about the "Miss Uzbekistan mystery" tells me that both dl_petty and Lee Hawkins need to return to elementary school, because picking an argument about our leader when the question is really about a Muslim girl desperate enough to lie on her paperwork to get into the competition is petty. Ridiculous and juvenile. Regardless of what you think about Barak Obama, he is our leader. IF you didn't like him, you could have cast your vote. About the girl at the center of this mystery, I think it's a shame that Muslims are so restrictive that women have to be covered to prevent the lust of men, that there is no beauty competition there, and that she has to lie to get into the competition in the first place! I'm not for beauty contests, but if a girl wants to compete, she should be able to do so!

  16. Anonymous

    sniper_too ..@snipertoo the must be drinking your favorite republican alcoholic beverage LISTERINE know that stuff makes stupid people like yourself even more stupid…only an stupid idiot american like yourself believes there's a difference between the best friends forever democrats and republicans…I'll give you a little hint, they are one and the same party taking turns being the BAD GUY…now grow a brain you friggin idiot

  17. Anonymous

    the same old pointing the fingers I'm right he's wrong and the whole time you're all mentally jerking each other off I'm out bangin' your girls… : )

  18. Anthony Aprigliano

    Excuse me ARTEMIS! You missed the whole POINT! If she is desperate to lie then what makes her any different from Obama? She probably got the idea from hearing how he became President of what is supposed to be the most powerful Country in the world by LYING! You can ONLY exercise your right to vote when the laws are followed & voter FRAUD is not enacted! When someone who lives alone & works as a voting station votes 9 times under 9 different names that by definition is VOTER FRAUD! Before you say that that is only one case, there are plenty of other cases which were investigated & proved! Seems to me you are on both sides of the fence. Maybe you should TRY to understand the POINT when people post before you shoot your mouth off. Also TRY to be on one side or the other…

  19. Kathryn Elich

    Is she going to walk the runway? Or will she be asked to leave the area. I hope the Moslems will let her leave and go back home or wherever she's headed peacefully. She's at risk I think. The reason she looks so 'everyday girl' – is that it takes a whole lot of money to enhance the natural beauty you see on stage.

  20. Edie Parastatides

    If she did this on her own initiative, I hope that she is picked up by some Hollywood agent and she has a wonderful career. I imagine she has already gotten the publicity she was looking for. She has guts for sure.

    I don't think she should be able to participate in the Miss World contest because the other girls had to follow rules to get in. But I do think she should have a chance at the fame she apparently seeks. She got where she got at all odds. She is representing (whether she planned to or not) many women who may desire freedom to be in charge of their own lives.

  21. Tony Paul Dunn

    Does anyone even know the name of any other contestant or last year's winner? I say just cut to the chase and get her sex tape on the internet, isn't that the next step?

  22. David Lagassee

    normally tou would be right. nut this is a moslem country and there are no pageants for her to compete in. therefore while others go thru the rigors you mention, she must go thru her own rigors including, no doubt, death threats. so she has proven her bravery and thus deserves an opportunity . at least in my mind.

  23. Anonymous

    She's nice looking but against Miss World competition she's a dog. I agree that a much better woman could have been chosen had there been a competition.

  24. Dan Roth

    >> Miss World is not a free pageant where a random girl can walk up and say "Hello, I'm here to represent uzbekistan" <<

    Actually, according to the article that's exactly what it is. :)

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