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PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One: Round Two Still Goes To Sony

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One, round two goes to Sony

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are still going at it, but the clear winner still looks to be Sony.

Sony has had an almost too easy time in the months before the next-gen console releases. At first it was doubtful because they had announced the console without really showing it. Then Microsoft came along with its Xbox One reveal, and they spent most of the event revealing details gamers didn’t want to have, and focusing on its TV aspects, a game that isn’t exclusive to the Xbox One, and sports. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot from the start.

As time went on, Microsoft almost secretly turned around a few of their console details to please angry gamers who were ready to jump ship and go with Sony’s console instead. The DRM policy reversal made the difference between a complete failure and hope for the console at the time.

It seemed the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One might actually be in a competition again, but then Microsoft started making more mistakes.

A gamer on created a petition to bring back the DRM policies that Microsoft had announced for the Xbox One in the first place, and even though a lot of the signers were Sony fans, Microsoft listened, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Now those policies that had doomed the Xbox One from the beginning are expected to return eventually.

The last straw in the battle between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One was the release dates. The PlayStation 4 is being released November 15, while the Xbox One is a week later on November 22. If Microsoft hadn’t made enough bad moves before, that sealed it. Gamers strapped for cash are most likely going to pick up Sony’s console for $100 less instead of waiting a week to spend the extra money for a machine that will eventually become the most restrictive console in history.

Then there was that infamous Xbox One TV spot that didn’t show us anything having to do with video games. Sony barely had to lift a finger this time.

The battle between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is once again leaning toward Sony for the win.

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30 Responses to “PlayStation 4 Vs Xbox One: Round Two Still Goes To Sony”

  1. Derrick Helaire

    Wow. What an inaccurate article. Only some of the features are returning like family sharing and trading in digital games. These features will be included in the online services and the physical media aspect will remain the same.

  2. Jeffrey Forder Jr.

    DRM will eventually come back lol. PS4 has won. This article is correct. I love the Xbox but PS4 will be more of an improvement

  3. Dylan Harris

    How fucking stupid is the person who wrote this? Who gives a shit, they just want to go digital because that's where the future is. They are going to let you trade, loan, and even sell them. Too bad for the people that don't have internet, and inquisitor you are the most stupid website ever. They aren't going to just "bring it back" and Sony hasn't beaten Microsoft, the stupid ps3.5 is all hype. It is supposedly so much better yet the games look the exact same. Get out of here, dipshit

  4. Kevin A. Smith

    Exactly what new experiences does the PS4 bring to the table? Remote play of the same game on another device is nice, but what exactly is new? Its far from over and if the Cable and Satellite companies decide to get behind the Xbox One and sell it as part of a 2 year contract(which there is some indication they may do) for say $99 – $199 on a 2 year contract, it may mean that there will be a lot more Xbox Ones out there than PS4s since the PS4 primarily only targets the gamer market of maybe 250-300M and the Xbox One would target a much broader audience of gamers and TV subscribers who would number in the ~800M subscribers world wide. Don't get me wrong this is just about potential sales, but MS has already stated that they want to roll out those TV features in all of the markets they are releasing the console in. Time will tell, but if this is what they do, its sales may dwarf those of the PS4. The game is most definitely not over.

  5. Jon Williams

    This is just dumb… No proof that all of it will come back. They said some of it will such as family sharing. It is retarded when a "journalist" calls something the most restrictive console when it's not even out. Or any of the things that would make it restricted are gone. No proof don't state it as fact! Hell I could probably do a better job at reporting this at this point. You can't say one console is winning until 2 years after they are sitting in people's living rooms…

  6. Stevon Kline

    Round 2 goes to Sony?…..Yah MS, did something that people didn't like, so they changed it up to make people happy.

    But Round 2 MS, showed a great launch lineup with awesome games like dead rising 3 and titanfall, and project spark.

    What does Sony have? Knack? Killzone? Infamous?….all three decent looking games, but aren't the blockbusters that MS has.

  7. Matthew Bryant

    I don't think Microsoft ever said they have any plans of bringing back their ridiculous DRM plan. That being said, the final nail in the coffin are all the reports coming out suggesting that the PS4 is 50% more powerful as per developers.

  8. Matthew Bryant

    Kevin A. Smith TV isn't a new experience, especially not for gaming. The Kinect isn't either. Same thing new generation. Developers drive innovation and console makers provide the power to make it possible.

  9. Jesse Gottlieb

    From "unnamed developers". You have no more information than the rest of us so i love that you try and act like you have some inside scoop.

  10. Jesse Gottlieb

    Sony offers nothing new except a system that isn't a pain in the ass to develop for, like ps3 was, and a bunch of indie games people can play on ps3. Microsoft is all about innovation.

  11. Jay Ijaodola

    The Xbox brand is synonymous with gaming, especially in the United States. Why should Microsoft tout the gaming aspects of a VIDEO GAME console when it has other features that are new and fresh? I mean, if you want to buy an Xbox, you already know it is made for. Instead, it is better to advertise the other features that makes the Xbox special. I'm not upset at all that Microsoft marketed towards the sports community. Many gamers enjoy television and sports, so why should it be such a big deal? They are trying to expand the brand, and that is fantastic and innovative.

  12. Kevin A. Smith

    Matthew Bryant I'm not saying that MS is bringing new experiences, but this is the first time that someone has brought together all of your living room entertainment into one box that has enough speed and responsiveness to make it work. I'll be the first to say that MS has a lot to prove with these technologies, but its the only one that has all of the fundamental and for most people essential services together, but I like what I've seen for Project Spark (you can go to and watch some of the demos). It will be interesting to see either way what games and apps show up for each ecosystem, but most of the "innovations" in the PS4 aren't included in the system so developers have little incentive to take advantage of them. At least MS has included the Kinect so developers are guaranteed that the hardware is there to take advantage of.

  13. Baxter von Beardo

    Lmao, who wrote this? It's almost entirely incorrect. The Only returning thing is the family share plan, please explain how thats a bad thing? Journalists…….What a fucking joke

  14. Baxter von Beardo

    Anonymous devs……I'll take mark Cerny's word for it that they are identicle over "anonymous devs"

  15. Ryan Ellingson

    Jesse Gottlieb If you read anything videogame related you'd know a majority of developers, customers, and experts are choosing PS4. You're a fanboy, pull your head out of Microsoft's ass.

  16. Louise Albini Tripoli

    People cacttually stil believe what MS says to them still.Since the reveal they have been said one lie after the other. The best one is when they talk about power of the cloud b/c none of them can make up their minds about how much it will increase performance b/c it has ranged from 3x to 10x now they just dont even talk about it ever. FAmily sharing will never return unless drm comes back or sales are lagging

  17. Louise Albini Tripoli

    People sould be asking why they took family sharing away to begin with??? Then ask yourself if you actually believed it was full game sharing no strings attached? We are talking about the same ms that puts everything behind a paywal like netflx which you are already payiing for. Not sure why so many people are ok with being forced to paty for things twice.

  18. Rich Nguyen

    Jesse Gottlieb T.V. and gimmicks aren't innovation. Whatever the Kinect or Xbox can do media related I can do on a PC and on my very own T.V. with just a push of the input button on my remote.

  19. Kenny Smarsch

    A) Sony is working with Viacom for tv services. B) Sony is bringing virtual reality headsets to the PS4. C) The PS4 has more exclusives, faster hardware and its 100$ cheaper and the online is cheaper. Why would you buy a xbone if the PS4 can do everything it can do better and 100$ cheaper?!

  20. Eddie O Driscoll

    David Cornell… Sony fanboy? Or just clueless reporter?
    From the looks of this you are either extremely biased or research into what you are writing about was minimal. As for the returning policies… (which were actually beneficial and WILL become the normal on all platforms IF console gaming sees another generation) …the one they were trying to bring back was family sharing. If you (and others apparently) did the research into what you were talking about then you would know that family sharing was only possible through a digital medium. Without a control system it would allow for mass piracy. Thats why it had to be taken away and its why they are trying to rework it.
    They were trying to find a way of providing the consumer of its benefits without creating a avenue for mass piracy. For an industry that already sees dwindling sales until just recently, The implementation of the family sharing without a control would be the final nail on the coffin. That's why steam just announced their 'family sharing plan'
    A absolutely brilliant idea that can only be done through a digital medium. Guess where they got the idea….
    Too many idiots voice their opinions in the gaming community without going about researching the topic. For someone who's job is to put together an article on the subject, he offers up this? Like a students last minute homework done on the way to school…It is a joke!
    Flame fanning headlines and derivative dribble throughout the article.
    Give me a job inquisitor. I can do better than this garbage.

  21. Jon Gray

    Who cares which console "WINS"? Seriously? Microsoft's PR department has delivered pathetically that had FanStation kids nailing them to the wall. Sony's PR department used this to their favor.
    Both products will sell well, as both are shaping to be great units.
    I don't see how one console "wins" against another. By sales? Maybe, but so what. If Sony sells more PS4's than MS's X1, Microsoft won't go out of business. Same goes for the other way around.
    I just don't understand why clowns are beating their chests behind their keyboards about how their favorite console will win…
    One does not simply win at console wars…

  22. Jon Gray

    How has "PS4 won"? What constitutes to winning? By pre-order sales? I don't understand how sales make PS4 a more enjoyable experience…
    And DRM is a good idea. Try looking at it with an open mind, like many of us that signed the "Bring it back" petition…
    Sounds like you have Sony posters on your bedroom wall…

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