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Jennie Garth Goes Jennie Goth In Surprise Fashion Week Catwalk

Jennie Garth is still the blonde we all know and love from 90210, but, two decades plus later, she has a darker, edgier look going on at Fashion Week.

On Wednesday, Jennie Garth appeared at designer Aerin O’Connell’s Intrepid by AOC show at Pier 59, in a tan minidress and rocking some deep, deep gothy lipstick and porcelain pale skin.

Garth, 41, contrasted neutral dress tones and her sunny blonde locks with a totally goth makeup vibe — near white skin, smudgy black eye makeup, and dark blood red lips.

According to Us, Jennie was an unexpected sight on the catwalk, and a source present at the show tells the mag:

“Jennie closed the show as a surprise guest… She was confident and looked powerful coming down the runway and had two friends in the audience who were cheering loudly for her.”

Garth dished on her NYFW turn for O’Connell’s big day at the show, saying that she was worried her inexperience would interfere — Jennie admits:

“Totally foreign, not my world… I felt nervous for the designer of this dress, I wanted to do well for her and have success for the line. I just met her today and she’s a really nice lady and I want her to do well.”

Over on Twitter, the actress told followers:

She also tweeted an artistic selfie:

Do you like Jennie Garth’s NYFW goth makeup look, or do you prefer blondes paired with pink and nude color options?