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Free Willy Poster Sparks Twitter Fight Over ObamaCare

What does a Free Willy poster and ObamaCare have in common? Well, absolutely nothing. That’s why Jason James Richter, the actor who played Jesse, was dumbfounded when a GOP Congressman Tim Griffin used an image from the movie in an anti-ObamaCare campaign.

The Free Willy poster was posted on Griffin’s Facebook page on Thursday. The image, which shows Willy jumping over the wall as Jesse throws out an epic fist punch, also bears the message: Free America.

Griffin made the poster after SeaWorld announced that they would be cutting hours to avoid paying more health insurance for their employees.

But this article isn’t about SeaWorld’s decision and really, it isn’t about ObamaCare. It’s about Free Willy.

Jason James Richter told Buzzfeed: “I think it’s terrible. To many thought to convey in 140 characters. Shameful comes to mind though. The film holds a special place for a lot of people. To use the iconic poster image to further a political agenda is shameful.”

140 characters may not be enough to convey the complex thoughts regarding the issues of ObamaCare but Free Willy actor Jason James Richter and congressman Tim Griffin certainly did try.

What do you think of the Free Willy poster. Was it out of line for the congressman to use a movie image for a political message?