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‘In God We Trust’ On Money Lawsuit Dismissed By Federal Court, Atheists Lose Battle

'In God We Trust' On Money Lawsuit Dismissed By Federal Court, Atheists Lose Battle

“In God We Trust” on money has stood for a long time, but an In God We Trust lawsuit by atheists attempted to change all this.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an atheist monument in Florida became the center of national attention because it made claims on United States history and attacked other religions.

In 2011 the House of Representatives reaffirmed In God We Trust on money as the official motto of the United States. The In God We Trust motto on money was created in 1956 and In God We Trust has been emblazoned on many public buildings, public schools and other government institutions. But President Obama cited “E pluribus unum,” which means “one out of many,” as the nation’s motto in a speech in Indonesia.

But then Michael Newdow and the Freedom From Religion Foundation attacked all instances of In God We Trust on money with a lawsuit, claiming the statement written on American currency was unconstitutional and was offensive to atheists. They argued the In God We Trust motto “conveys a religious message that violates separation of church and state and puts them in a position of spreading a religious message when they engage in commerce.”

The American Center for Law and Justice defended against the Federal lawsuit by atheists. The ACLJ argued the In God We Trust motto reflects the historical beginnings of the United States, which at one point had official state religions which the Federal government was not allowed to override with an “establishment of religion.” The ACLJ claims belief in God was integral in the founding of the nation, so to remove all references to God to please atheists would not be supported by the First Amendment. They say the Establishment Clause was not intended by the Founding Fathers to guarantee the American public will never be exposed to religion or religious symbols.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baer, Jr. agreed with the ACLJ, writing that In God We Trust on Money does not amount to a “constitutional violation in the motto’s inclusion on currency.” Baer says “the Supreme Court has repeatedly assumed the motto’s secular purpose and effect” and that atheists have suffered no “substantial burden” from having In God We Trust on money.

Do you think In God We Trust belongs on money?

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37 Responses to “‘In God We Trust’ On Money Lawsuit Dismissed By Federal Court, Atheists Lose Battle”

  1. Veneta Britt

    Leave it be. If it isn't broken why fix it. Atheists want all traces of religion removed even from churches. I am a lapsed Christian but have no ulterior motive to convert atheists, and I resent their belief that any sign anywhere of any religion is attacking them, If they leave the religious and religions alone 90% of the religious and religions will leave them alone. In the words of Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?" I wish the atheists would quit declaring war on all who are not atheists. Give us a break. We don't ask you to get rid of all atheist symbols so why do you demand that all religious symbols are attacks on atheism?

  2. Jesus Jose

    It shouldn't be on the bills. It wasn't prior to the 50s. Society and government shouldn't perpetuate the mass delusion of fictional characters of any book or imagination. It isn't right and doesn't help people break away from the mental crutches god and religion provide. It's ideas enslave and reduces people to mere puppets. The idea of god and religion is evil.

  3. John W Beck

    I don't care what is printed on currency as long as I can use it to pay for a cuppa coffee, and I think the God as described in the Bible and all other religious books I have read is fiction. So, having a fictional God invoked on money (which is also a fictional thing when you get down to it) does not matter to me. This judge did not do the correct thing, this judge did a cowardly thing and didn't want to touch this case with a 10 foot pole. Believe what you will – as long as you do not use your personal beliefs to bash my head in or burn me on a pyre I do not care.

  4. Brian Gregory

    No, no, no. We don't religion removed from churches. We want it to remain in churches so our nation can return to the secular nation our Constitution requires.

  5. Lori Bishop Tull

    YAY!!!!!!!! Finally someone understands what the United States was founded upon. Maybe we can get prayer back in the schools and courtrooms.

  6. Rosie Perez

    If they let the atheists keep getting their way, God will continue on his course and keep blessing them…although, at some point he might just change his mind….js

  7. Chelly Smith


  8. Jesus Jose

    I have the name given to me… It is what society,friends, family call me. Nothing more then a utterance of organized sounds we use to interpret something. And Jesus wasn't the Christian mythological gods name. After many translations as I understand it right now Jesus Christ = one who is anointed look it up. Maybe I'm wrong or right about this but I'm prett sure it is a title, not a name

  9. Jesus Jose

    US was founded on secular document with no mention of a deity(constitution). The very reason this country was founded was for freedom of religion, to practice whatever religion, ideals a person wanted. It was not found on Christianity.

  10. Violette Bowhay

    The separation of church and state must be absolute. That does not mean there can be no religions, it means equal representation or none at all. This statement on American currency links commerce to specific religions, while neglecting others. "E pluribis unum" is not only a more accurate representation of the united states, it also encourages inclusion of all without encouraging or discouraging religious belief. Should we instead give equal representation to all faiths we would need references to Buddha, Allah, Hecate, Ra, Isis, Osiris, Zues, and the list goes on. Even after adding all of those you still have to find a way to address the "We don't know anything" "Science is Law" and "Your God's are all just imaginary friends" crowds. I don't know about you, but I don't want to carry a coin large enough to hold all that text. So get this crap off our currency and our country and let men (and women and those who do not identify withing the gender binary system) govern their own hearts and beliefs and get the government back out of the religious preference game.

  11. Jesus Jose

    My opinion differs from Brian. I wish for religion to disappear from the earth. There are many more things I wish would disappear like races, nations, ethnicities, etc. how can people as a whole come together if we constantly divide ourselves. Carl Sagan said it best. A few thousand years ago we where hunter gatherers in families, then to tribes, to city states, to nations, now nation states. An average person pledge allegiance to a group of 100 million people. If we don't kill our species off because of our differences the logical next progression is one people as a human species of earth. Then we can progress to a type 1 and 2 civilization, solve the worlds basic problems of poverty and good water. It all starts with freeing our mind and expanding our vision of the world. Not just our little corner of little community. I do my part by raising questions and challenging people. To provoke critical thinking and never settling for dogma. Peace guys

  12. Tammy McGaa

    Chelly Smith i am sorry, but GOD has not blessed this country. how can anyone see the rising crime rates and corruption and people murdering cops and firefighters and the racist and hate that is going on in this country and call it blessed. if you think this country is blessed then you have no clue what a true blessing looks like. which means you also do not understand GOD.

  13. Bob Funk

    If anyone has a problem with "In God We Trust" on their money, then by all means, please feel free to send it me and I will put it to good use.

  14. Bob Funk

    JFK put it nicely … "And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe – the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God. We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution."

  15. Erin Reyes

    If the atheists don't like in God we trust on the money and don't know where or who to turn to for guidance and advice they can pray to God about it! Oh wait opps you are S.O.L!

  16. Veneta Britt

    Rob Kennedy, as far as I know they are anything that is anti chiristian, anti jewish, anti muslim and any other religion that exists. I am not sure what your symbols are as I DO NOT GET OFFENDED AT RELIGIOUS OR ANTI RELIGIOUS symbols. What I object to is your atheist insistence that all religions should cease and desist to exist. I have the right to my religion as much as you do to your atheism. Why should I have to hide everything to do with my religious freedoms to satisfy YOUR lack of religion?

  17. Erin Reyes

    Atheists want all religious symbols removed from every where and everything is because they do not want the constant reminder that they are wrong! People who are atheist are so because they think it makes them look cool and it gets them lots of attention good or bad doesn't matter to them they just have to have everyone's attention! Atheists are atheists also because if they believed in God that would mean that they couldn't sin! they want to say and do whatever they want whether it was sexual, rude, perverted, criminal etc. These people lack any self control or restraint plain and simple if they were saved they would be under conviction by the Holy spirit and they can't have that then they would have to behave and have control over there nasty self. One day you will proclaim that he is God and if you aren't ready you have only yourself to blame. remember this post then! I feel pity for atheists. God help you now, later is too late.

  18. Kyrie Wise Smith

    Rosanne Tetzel Geralis Why? It's a name. My name means god. There are 2000 gods and 41,000 separate branches of christianity alone. I might as well keep the name since it's so common. Not any worse than having a name that means king. Would put in Kings we trust on money either though. Neither is what this country's about.

  19. Kyrie Wise Smith

    About 2000 gods and 41,000 separate branches of christianity alone with every follower of every branch thinking they picked the right one and that their personal inner god is helping them. Sounds so likely and accurate that there are that many gods instead of a bunch of silly people trying to play a delusional game of Harry Potter.

  20. Kyrie Wise Smith

    Erin Reyes ? So if I place naked pictures of wrinkly old men all around you, you'd only want them removed to remove proof that you are wrong? What if there were a 10ft tall statue of Baphomet next door in the yard? If you want that gone, and In Baphomet We Trust not on your currency, does that mean you truly believe in Baphomet and are wrong about his powers/existence?

  21. Kyrie Wise Smith

    Erin Reyes About 2000 gods and 41,000 separate branches of christianity alone with every follower of every branch thinking they picked the right one and that their personal inner god is helping them. Sounds so likely and accurate that there are that many gods instead of a bunch of silly people trying to play a delusional game of Harry Potter.

  22. Deb Friddle

    just leave it alone…..IF you should ever change it, put it back like it was originally…on the first coins in the US it said "mind your business"……

  23. Kathleen Bednaz

    Jesus Jose,Explain evil, and good, and the difference between them? How do you know right from wrong? And I may not be able to prove there is a God, but can you prove there is not? What exactly do you believe in?. You must have no hope when things go bad in your life.

  24. James Neely

    Before 1956 our currency did not have the in god we trust motto and we were all fine with it. Our pledge of allegiance did not have under god until 1954. There is NO reason to include religious mottos in our government. If you want religion go to church!

  25. Jesus Jose

    @kathleen. I know right from wrong from morals I have learned from family friends laws of society. Family have definitely been a big influence and they were heavily influenced by the Catholic Church. The problem is the morality of the people pick and choose from the bible what to follow. It the people! If we follow what the bible says verbatim Christians would behave a lot like the extreme Muslims living in sharia law. The burden of proof on existence of a deity resides with the one making the grandiose claim, not with the person who lives withouth the presumption of existence of a deity. The FACT is there is NO physical evidence of the existence of a deity. On imaginary superstition of a man made being controlling everything. When things go bad in my life as they often do, I don't delude myself with a fictional being looking after me. I do something about my situation and get results, I keep trying and I never give up. Those are my actions. Think about this pose the same question to the thousands of children who die everyday of preventable starvation. Then you can tell me where there god is at the end of their last day. Grow up fairy tales are for children. Power is in you, morality is in you, love is in you, everything you will ever need to persevere is in you. Believe in yourself. Peace

  26. Jane Barton

    Why not pray to Allah or the Tooth Fairy? How about Santa Claus? Putting fairy tale "gods" on our money makes America look like idiots.

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