World War 3 Kickstarter Tries To Help Obama Invade Syria, Start WW3

World War 3 Kickstarter Tries To Help Obama Invade Syria, Start WW3 [Video]

A World War 3 Kickstarter tries to help Obama invade Syria by raising funding for the President’s…whatever he wants.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, potential Syria World War 3 Bible prophecy has people taking the idea of WW3 very seriously.

The World War 3 Kickstarter campaign is not so serious. Or at least you’d hope. Since the United States is so hopelessly in debt and about to hit the debt ceiling once again the World War 3 Kickstarter proposes to raise $1.6 trillion to help fund Obama’s war in Syria. Because, you know, all Obama supporters vowed to support Obama in whatever he wants.

And Obama wants a war on Syria despite previous polls showing the vast majority of Americans do not approve. The other night President Obama gave a speech on Syria’s chemical weapons and CNN polls show they are still not convinced. The poll asked, “Do you think Barack Obama has made a convincing case to take military action in Syria?” 47 percent responded yes, but 50 percent said no and three percent are not sure. Still, that’s within the margin of error for a poll so essentially Americans are split. But the Syria poll also asked, “Do you think it is in the national interest of the USA to be involved in the conflict in Syria?” In this case only 39 percent agreed with Obama, but 60 percent of Americans say no.

So Obama needs help in convincing Syria won’t merely be about shock and awe, instead offering peace and tranquility to the world. It’s quite a mouthful, but the World War 3 Kickstarter is being proposed by an organization calling itself The Americans For Whatever Barack Obama Wants, Did You Know He’s Friends With Jay-Z? All donations will go towards “thousands of organic grass-fed bombs, hybrid Prius tanks, rockets controlled by iPads, and drones that play The Lumineers while they attack.”

But, seriously, what do you think of the satirized commentary provided by the World War 3 Kickstarter?