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‘The Avengers 2’: James Spader Was The ‘Only Choice’ For Ultron [Video]

James Spader may not have been everyone’s first choice for the villain in The Avengers 2, but Joss Whedon knew the actor was right for the role.

Everyone was a little shocked when the Pretty in Pink star landed the role of Ultron in the director’s upcoming sequel The Avengers: Age of Ultron. Regardless of what you may think about the decision, Whedon seems extremely pleased that Spader is now a part of the cast.

During a recent chat with the folks at Marvel, Joss Whedon explained that James Spader was the only guy he wanted for the coveted role of Ultron in The Avengers 2.

“Spader was my first and only choice. He’s got that hypnotic voice that can be eerily calm and compelling, but he’s also very human and humorous. Ultron is not HAL. Spader can play all of the levels. He’s the guy to break the Avengers into pieces,” Whedon said.

If you’re familiar with the character from The Avengers comics, then you’re already well-versed in Ultron’s absolute hatred of superheroes and humanity. Although he has a wide array of powers at his disposal in the books, Whedon previously stated that the villain’s abilities will be a toned down on the big screen.

“I knew right away what I wanted to do with [Ultron]. He’s always trying to destroy the Avengers. He’s not a happy guy, which means he’s an interesting guy. He’s got pain. And the way that manifests is not going to be standard robot stuff,” he recently told Entertainment Weekly.

He continued, “So we’ll take away some of [his] powers, because at some point everybody [has] magic [powers], and I already have someone who’s a witch.”

James Spader Ultron

Speaking of the Scarlet Witch, Elizabeth Olsen was reportedly in the running for the role in the Avengers sequel. However, The Inquisitr previously reported that the actress “doesn’t know anything” about that particular rumor.

Were you surprised that director Joss Whedon cast James Spader as Ultron in The Avengers 2? Is the Mannequin star the right choice to play the villain?

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