Broken Bones In Soccer

Broken Bones In Soccer, Photos And Videos That Will Make You Cringe

If you think playing soccer is nothing more than running up and down a field for hours on end, you probably haven’t seen the effects of a soccer injury.

Sure, we love to picture guys falling to the ground for no reason and then crying foul, but the truth is broken bones in soccer are no laughing matter.

From bones popping out of skin to breaks so bad we want to weep for the injured player, here are 10 broken bones in soccer that will make you cringe.

Eduardo Da Silva

Eduardo Da Silva Broken Ankle

In February 2009, Eduardo Da Silva was playing for Arsenal when he was tackled by Birmingham City defender Martin Taylor.

Da Silva ended up with a broken left fibula and a dislocated left ankle.

It took nearly one full year for a full rehabilitation, but Da Silva did return to the Arsenal first team.

As a bonus, here the video of the painful soccer break:

David Busst

David Busst
In April 1996, David Busst collided with Manchester United defender Denis Irwin and the results were horrific.

Busst broke his leg so badly that the bone pierced through his skin and blood spilled onto the field.

Busst fractured his tibia and fibula and his career was ended.

United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel saw the break occur and later went for counseling to deal with his emotions stemming from the incident.

Watch as Schmeichel runs away form the injury and covers his eyes:

Francesco Totti

Francesco Totti Broken Ankle

Francesco Totti was playing in the Italian Championship against Empoli F.C on February 19, 2006 when he suffered a horrid leg injury.

Totti fractured his left tibula and severed interconnecting ligaments with the malleolus.

That same day Totti underwent surgery at the hands of a renowned Italian orthopedic surgeon.

Jacob Olesen

Jacob Olesen

Jacob Olesen, a Danish soccer strike suffered one of the most painful looking soccer breaks we have ever seen.

Olesen was playing in a match in October 206 when he suffered a severe dislocation of his left ankle.

After six months, Olesen was cleared to play.

Ewald Lienen

Ewald Lienen

This horrific injury sustained by German midfielder Ewald Lienen was caused when a Werder Bremen defender performed a sliding tackle during a match in 1981.

The injury was caught in photograph and on film:

The crazy part might be that Lienen stood up and ran over to complain to the defenders coach.

Henrik Larsson

Henrik Larsson Leg Break The Wrong Way

Henri Larsson suffered an injury in 1999 that could have easily ended his career.

Instead of leaving soccer Larsson went through a miraculous recovery period over an 8 month period.

Larsson returned in time for the 2000 Eurocup. Here is Henrik Larsson’s leg break video:

Luciano Almeida

Luciano Almeida - Foot The Wrong Way

Brazilian soccer player Luciano Almeida was playing in a match between Botafogo and Flamengo in 2007 when he broke his leg.

Like other painful soccer leg breaks on our list Almeida made a full recover and was back on the field in five short months.

Luc Nilis

Luc Nilis Leg Goes Backwards

Belgium striker Luc Nilis was four minutes into a premier league game in September 2000 when he collided with Ipswich Town goalkeeper Richard Wright.

The collision caused a double fracture to Nilis’ knee.

The injury was so bad that Luc Nilis was forced to retire from the game.

Djibril Cisse

Djibril Cisse Sliding and Breaking His Leg - Soccer

Cisse fractured his right leg after being tackled by a Shandong Luneng defender. He was playing in a friendly international soccer match in Saint Etienne, France in 2006.

Not a lot more to say about this injury because the video does a better job of showcasing the horrific leg break:

Edgar Andrade

Edgar Andrade

Edgar Andrade was another victim of a bad break that sidelined him for many months and led to painful rehabilitation.

Andrade was competing in June 2007 in a match between Cruz Azul and Tecos UAG when he fractured his ankle while attempting to recover the ball.

Edgar Andrade was one of the lucky injured players who was able to return to the field.

Preston Burpo

Prestron Burpo Leg Break

Preston Burpo broke his tibia and fibula in a very painful moment in soccer.

The legendary goalkeeper is a favorite among many soccer fans and his break was heard around the world.

Here’s a video of the Preston Burpo leg break:

The next time you want to make fun of the physical aspects of soccer come back to this page and remind yourself about the how bad broken bones in soccer can turn.