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Cruel Teens Put Kitten In Microwave, Twitter Video Goes Viral [Watch]

A pair of teenage girls who put a kitten into their microwave and then switched it on, have found themselves in trouble with the police. It’s not surprising since the foolish girls posted a video of the kitten nuking on Twitter.

The two girls, both aged 15, now face animal cruelty charges after the video they posted went viral on Friday. Thankfully the kitten wasn’t actually harmed in the incident, but the video shocked and outraged residents of South Portland, where the girls live.

The short clip is distressing to watch, especially if you are a cat lover. It shows one of the girls stuffing the poor kitty into the microwave on the counter. After she switches on the microwave the kitten can be seen freaking out. The other girl then quickly opens the door and the kitten jumps to the floor.

The girls, who are students at the South Portland High School, were issued with court summonses on Tuesday. The kitten was handed over to animal welfare officers from the local Animal Rescue League who are treating it.

In a Facebook post the rescue center said that the kitten was doing well and that she has been renamed Miracle, for obvious reasons. The hope is that she can forget her past trauma of nearly being cooked in a microwave, and move on with her life.

“She’s eating normally, she seems to be in fine shape,” said Lynne McGee from the refuge.

Once Miracle has grown a bit she will be ready for a new home. After what she has been through, along with the viral video of her ordeal on Twitter, it shouldn’t be hard for her to find the right owners, to give her the life she deserves.