Duck Dynasty Returns To A&E For Fourth Season

Duck Dynasty Crew Stops By Jimmy Fallon [Video]

The Duck Dynasty crew is living the high life this week. The group walked the red carpet this week at New York Fashion Week in support of Sadie Robertson’s latest fashion line and last night Willie, Jep and Si Robertson stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Duck Dynasty is one of the biggest reality shows on television at the moment but not everyone was on board for the first episode. The bearded boys told Fallon last night that Phil Robertson didn’t think that the show would amount to anything special.

Willie said: “We always thought there may be something there… We just got an email out of the blue that said, ‘Hey, I think you guys may have a big show.” So I went to talk to dad. I said, ‘Dad, we could do a big show on a network.’ Phil responded, ‘Nah. That won’t work.”

The Duck Dynasty members each have their own personalities but one star is more important than the rest. Well, that’s what Si says.

Si is the reed guy and according to him there wouldn’t be a show if they didn’t have any reeds.

Si said: “I’m the most important part of this whole thing!”

Here are a few videos of the Duck Dynasty crew on Jimmy Fallon.

Duck Dynasty returns to the air tonight for a new episode on A&E. Tonight’s episode, called Termite Be a Problem, will feature the crew moving locations as Duck Commander is invaded with termites.

Here’s the synopsis for tonight’s episode: “Because of a termite problem at Duck Commander, the guys are forced to find a different location to work from–Godwin’s House. But while at Godwin’s house, Godwin gets a taxidermied gift from a past relative, which sends them on a mission to find out how much it is worth. Miss Kay needs help with her Golden 60′s club, so she enlists Korie and Willie to help her out.”