Breaking Bad

Lawsuit Slapped On iTunes For ‘Breaking Bad’ Fraud

What happens when iTunes breaks bad? The media purchasing business known as iTunes was slapped with a lawsuit after it offered fans two separate seasons of episodes from the AMC series Breaking Bad. If you’re scratching your head over this, let us say that a Breaking Bad fanatic should never be underestimated when it comes to how fast one will gobble up episodes of the series.

One Ohio resident was pretty furious with iTunes for defining Breaking Bad‘s 16 final episodes as two separate seasons rather than packaging them as different parts of the same season like AMC has decided to do. Due to this, Noam Lazebnik has decided to slap a lawsuit on iTunes.

It all occurred when Lazebnik decided to purchase a Season Pass on iTunes at the beginning of the final season of Breaking Bad. When he purchased the Season Five pass of Breaking Bad, the fan expected to get the final 16 episodes, but, to his dismay, Apple decided to sell the last episodes, which are currently airing on AMC, as a separate season under “The Final Episodes.”

So how is this exactly cause for a lawsuit? Well, Lazebnik claims that iTunes and Apple defrauded him and other fans who unknowingly purchased the season pass without prior warning. The season of Breaking Bad is selling in HD for $22.99, and the Ohio native states that fans should be getting the season for $14.99 because of the remaining eight episodes that aren’t yet available.

The Breaking Bad related lawsuit states:

“When a consumer buys a ticket to a football game, he does not have to leave at halftime. When a consumer buys an opera ticket, he does not get kicked out at intermission. When a consumer buys a “Season Pass” to a full season of a television show on iTunes, that consumer should get access to the whole season.”

Do you think this is a valid lawsuit?