The 2011 NFL playoffs

The 2010 regular season is at an end, and the 2011 NFL playoffs will begin next weekend. The following 12 teams are in; New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks, New York Jets, Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, and New England Patriots.

The Wild Card Round will begin this coming weekend and it is filled with some goodies. On Saturday Night there will be a rematch of last year’s AFC Conference Title game when the New York Jets travel to Indiana to take on the Indianapolis Colts. The other Saturday game is the New Orleans Saints at the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are now the worse team to ever qualify for the playoffs on the strength of winning their division the pitiful NFC West.

Sunday’s games may not have the marquee quality but are pretty interesting. The Baltimore Ravens will travel to play the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Chiefs have a big home field advantage. I expect this to be a very interesting game. The other Sunday game will be the Green Bay Packers traveling to play the Philadelphia Eagles. That should be a very good game as well. As we will see Michael Vick lead his team to a possible showdown with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC title game.

Of course the winners of these four games will be on the road in the divisional round of the playoffs as the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers all have earned a home game in round two.