Woman With Gun At Child's Head

Shocking Photo Of Woman With Gun At Child’s Head Goes Viral

A disgusting photograph of a young woman holding a gun to the head of a child has gone viral, causing a lot of panic on Facebook.

The image appears to have been taken in South America, possibly Argentina, as it originally appeared a few weeks ago on an Argentinian Facebook page.

People around the internet world have been desperately trying to locate the woman and child by sharing the disturbing image with their friends. They hope that eventually someone will recognize either the woman holding the gun or the child.

Many see the picture as extreme child abuse. No Longer Victims, a blog which deals with domestic abuse, shared the photo online with the caption: “If there is anybody that can help us to find this child, please please do so.”

The blog also added another comment later on talking about the effect such an incident could have on a young child: “A baby can be traumatized like anybody that is a victim of abuse – and this is a form of abuse.”

The image depicts the woman, possibly in her early twenties, pointing a gun straight between the eyes of the child she is holding while smiling directly at the camera. The child is about two years old.

The gun being held by the woman doesn’t necessarily look like a real gun. It is more likely a cap gun or replica, but this doesn’t take away from the traumatic effect that it could have had on the child.

Many people have noted that, whether or not the gun is in fact real, it is foolish to expose young children to them. The photograph is still making its way around the web in the hope that the woman holding the gun will be located.