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Hugh Jackman Almost Played Wolverine In Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’

Hugh Jackman revealed that he almost played Wolverine in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

Although Wolverine and Spider-Man are owned by two different studios — 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures, respectively — there were tentative plans to have Jackman appear in the first installment of Peter Parker’s cinematic adventure.

Unfortunately, attempts to get Wolverine and Spider-Man together on the big screen didn’t pan out. However, don’t point the finger of blame at the studios. Hugh Jackman said the cameo didn’t happen because they couldn’t find the Wolverine suit used in Bryan Singer’s X-Men.

“In the first ‘Spider-Man’ we really tried to get me to come on and do something, whether it was a gag or just to walk through the shot or something,” the busy actor recently explained to The Huffington Post.

He continued, “The problem was, we couldn’t find the suit. The suit was stuck in something. And so when they were in New York when I was there, we couldn’t get it together.”

While many people thought having Marvel properties spread around different studios would make it extremely difficult to get characters to join forces, apparently it’s a little less complicated than some originally believed. All that prevented Wolverine from teaming up with the likes of Spider-Man was a missing costume.

Hugh Jackman also said that he would love to appear opposite Robert Downey Jr. in one of the Iron Man films. When he asked some “high level people” about the possibility of an on-screen team-up, he was told that this would require a lot of work behind-the-scenes.

“So how you split that pie up? God knows. But in the comic books, what’s great about it is they’re just mashing together all the time — and it’s awesome. And people are like, ‘Yeah, well, let’s get this one with that!’ And, you know, I still think, one day, there may be an ability to do it,” the actor said.

Wolverine will return to the big screen for another adventure in Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. The movie is scheduled to open in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Are you a fan of Hugh Jackman? What do you think about the Wolverine cameo that was originally slated for director Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man?

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