LeBron James Not Sure Where He'll End Up In 2014

LeBron James Not Sure Where He’ll End Up In 2014

LeBron James will soon have another Decision on his hands, and the Miami Heat star says he has no idea where he’ll end up.

James is set to become a free agent in 2014, and just three years after The Decision brought him to Miami for two championships in three seasons, James has a host of options. A number of teams are already setting up their payroll to make a potential run at James, but he said he has only one thing in mind — winning.

“I have absolutely no idea,” James recently told ESPN.com. “I would love to spend the rest of my career in Miami with this great team and great organization as we continue to compete for championships. That’s ideal. But we don’t know what may happen from now to the end of the season. That’s the nature of the business. It’s the nature of not knowing what tomorrow brings.”

James went on to say that he grew up watching the Chicago Bulls, thinking Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen would always play together with Phil Jackson as their coach. But it didn’t work out that way, and James now understands that moving around is just part of the NBA today.

Next summer will be a free agent bonanza. Aside from James, others set to hit free agency include New York’s Carmelo Anthony, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, and the other two of Miami’s Big Three — Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

But LeBron James is the biggest prize of all, and he may end up back where he started. The Cleveland Cavaliers are seen as a strong player in the running for James, and have been assembling a team filled with young talent like Kyrie Irving. Though James and the team didn’t exactly part amicably, it could now be the perfect situation for him.

James said he’s not thinking about any of that now, however, and just wants to get the Heat back to the NBA Finals.

“I owe it to myself, I owe it my teammates and I owe it to the Miami Heat to stay focused,” LeBron James said. “As a leader, I’m not even going to let that side of the business get me unfocused on what I’m trying to do and that’s trying to win another championship.”