AOC Breeze

AOC To Debut $200 Android Tablet During CES 2011

AOC has given us yet another reason to be grateful that we will be covering CES 2011 events. The company announced on Monday that they will debut a new $200 Android tablet at CES (January 6th – 9th).

Known as the AOC Breeze, the tablet features a decent eight-inch display that outputs at 800 x 600 pixels of resolution with 4GB built-in memory and a microSD memory card slot, along with a USB port. Also featured Google Android 2.1, which is nearly a year old and will require a few hardware buttons to navigate.

The tablet also features the Rockchip CPU, although very little is known about the setup at this time, while it SHOULD offer HD video with an expected battery life of 6 hours (Video) and 12 hours (audio through speaker or headphones).

With a January debut we are also expecting a January (late obviously) release date for the unit.

So why are we excited? It looks like AOC is taking the steps necessary to get us closer to that magic $100 price point so many company’s have promised, while still providing decent, albeit outdated software.

Make sure to follow our live CES 2011 Coverage once the event begins.