Did Kate Middleton go against Queen's wishes when she took baby George away?

Did Kate Middleton Go Against Queen’s Wishes When She Took Baby George Away?

Kate Middleton apparently went against her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth’s wishes when she decided to pack up baby George and go to her parents’ home in Bucklebury.

William and Kate don’t do anything by the book, nor follow in the century old traditions of Buckingham Palace, that much is obvious, but apparently Kate stood her ground when it came to deciding where her newborn would spend the first few weeks of his life.

In the past, royal babies are quickly ushered away to the palace and put under a nanny’s care with 24/7 attention while mom relaxes and gets over the pregnancy.

Not in this case: William and Kate insist on doing everything themselves. Good for them!

Kate Middleton is a commoner and, as such, had a normal upbringing even though her family is very wealthy in their own right.

The royal couple wants to continue in that tradition, which by the way, is the way in which William and his brother Harry were brought up thanks to their mother, Princess Diana.

But it’s not easy to defy the Queen’s express wishes; she had reportedly invited William and Kate to stay at her Balmoral residence for a week, but they declined.

Instead, Kate Middleton has been enjoying all the comforts of her childhood home and the privacy they afford her and her new son. William doesn’t seem to mind at all.

In fact, according to Kate’s new unofficial biographer, Katie Nicholl, William backed Kate and made her wishes come true. What a guy.

Family friend George Brown says,

“I’m not sure the Queen was entirely in favor of the idea of them all moving to Bucklebury; it was certainly not the norm, but it was what Kate wanted, and William supported her and made it happen.”

At the moment Kate Middleton is enjoying the last few weeks of the couple’s stay in Anglesey, Wales, which has been their home for the duration of William’s stay at the Royal Air Force base there. It is reported that the family heads back to London at the end of the month.