Meghan McCain interview

Meghan McCain Swears Repubs Aren’t All ‘Crazy Rednecks’ [Video]

Republicans aren’t the most popular kids on the playground these days, but Meghan McCain swears that most of them aren’t as bad as the stereotypes make them out to be.

Speaking with Politico’s Patrick Gavin about her show Raising McCain, Meghan said that there are plenty of socially liberal Republicans like her who aren’t against things like marriage equality and women’s rights.

“We’re not all crazy rednecks,” she said of Republicans.

She also said that she’s frustrated that “nobody seems to be listening to reason” these days.

“People within the Republican Party don’t have to listen to me. But, at some point, they will have to listen to facts, to trends in this country. We’re losing young voters, women voters and minority voters. … I just think it’s a recipe for failure. … The extreme right wing of the party is still running everything.”

Meghan McCain has made similar comments about the GOP in the past. She has long been an outspoken socially liberal Republican, debating conservative pundits like Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter on social issues. She once said that other Republicans treat her like a “freak” for her departures from the party line on social issues.

She has said that she might become an independent if the GOP doesn’t change by 2016. You could just be a Libertarian, Meghan.

Meghan McCain’s new show airs on Pivot, a new channel that specifically targets millenials. You can read the rest of her Politico interview here.

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