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And the most pirated game of 2010 is …

call of duty black ops piracy

Call of Duty: Black Ops is getting its fair share of end-of-year awards, but here’s one gong it probably didn’t want: 2010’s Most Pirated Game. After 2009, that’s two in a row for the series!

While Black Ops sold 5.6 million legitimate copies in its first 24 hours on sale in November, a report by TorrentFreak reveals a similar number of copies were downloaded by naughty PC and Xbox 360 owners in 2010 – 5.2 million in total.

The Wii version was also heavily downloaded, but not quite enough to beat the likes of Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Kirby’s Epic Yarn.

Still, that’s nothing compared to the PC, truly the format that sets the piracy yarrrrr-dstick:

PC Game Downloads on BitTorrent in 2010

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops (4,270,000)
2. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (3,960,000)
3. Mafia 2 (3,550,000)
4. Mass Effect 2 (3,240,000)
5. Starcraft II (3,120,000)

Wii Game Downloads on BitTorrent in 2010

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (1,470,000)
2. Wii Party (1,220,000)
3. Donkey Kong Country Returns (920,000)
4. Kirby’s Epic Yarn (880,000)
5. Red Steel 2 (850,000)

Xbox 360 Game Downloads on BitTorrent in 2010

1. Dante’s Inferno (1,280,000)
2. Alan Wake (1,140,000)
3. Red Dead Redemption (1.060,000)
4. Halo: Reach (990,000)
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops (930,000)

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