Justin Bieber Has Shaved Off His Mustache

Justin Bieber, The Long And Short Of It: The Mustache Is No More

Justin Bieber has shaved off his mustache. We assume it was shaved and not removed in some other manner. Either way, it’s gone.

Shining for such a brief moment at New York Fashion Week after days of growing it, the 19-year-old apparently had second thoughts about his baby fuzz and got rid.

Rocking up to the Y-3 Spring/ Summer 2014 runway show at New York Fashion Week on Sunday, the teen star sent presses into overdrive when he publicly debuted his gossamer mustache and a glossy update on his hairstyle of yore —“The Bieber.”

Bringing back memories of his heyday hair flip, many a Beliebers’ heart was set aflutter.

Appropriately dressed in a Y-3 black top with signature collar, leather pants (of course), white high tops, huge sunglasses and a poker face Lady Gaga would approve of, Fug Girls reported most of the focus in the front row Justin occupied centered on True Blood’s Joe Manganiello — which is all kinds of wrong.

Over at The Sun and in other quarters there was much guffawing over the “Beauty and A Beat” star’s burgeoning mustache. We believe one of the words used was “creepy.”

But we looked at the Bieb’s now-culled man-fluff too and we didn’t need to squint to see it. Yes, it was faint and clearly wouldn’t have troubled the Guinness Book of World Records, but it was there for a short time and it was rather shapely. Even The Cut said the “mustache held its own on the red carpet.”

Justin Bieber's Mustache Has Been Removed