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George Zimmerman Arrested, Gun Involved [Breaking]

George Zimmerman's wife files for divorce

George Zimmerman has been arrested and is currently in police custody in Central Florida. reported in the last few minutes that the Lake Mary police confirmed that they were called to an address on Sprucewood Road this afternoon.

The report which followed said that Zimmerman was involved in some kind of altercation and that he pulled his gun in a threatening manner, on another person.

George Zimmerman’s arrest today comes just one day after his wife Shellie filed for divorce.

There are no further details about today’s arrest of George Zimmerman. This article will be updated when further updates are availiable.

Updated information on the George Zimmerman gun threats available through these links:

George Zimmerman In Custody: Threatened Wife And Father-In-Law With Gun

George Zimmerman Gun Threats After Wife Shellie Demands Divorce

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55 Responses to “George Zimmerman Arrested, Gun Involved [Breaking]”

  1. Mandy Fairbairn

    OMG…do people not learn. But to be honest I called this one.

  2. Comrade John Thorpe

    She was wearing a hoodie and wanted a divorce.

    Divorce would mean she gets half his stuff.

    So he was just defending his property. It's legal in Florida. /snark

  3. Jonathan Miller

    Called what, dork? Being slightly emotional after his wife decides to take the half the defense money she never could have earned, honestly? He was judged Not guilty, but morons will follow and threaten his life however long it is… Now, his wife has eyed that pile of money and has decided she isn't happy without it.

  4. Joe Smith

    Probably someone confronting him over the verdict, should the media lynching start now or will they wait for the facts this time?

  5. Jason Chieppo

    Not legal situation, the wife has full access to the house …. He cannot stop her or a guest to enter her home…. Zimmerman is just a hot headed person….he needs to go to jail for a long time….

  6. Jason Chieppo

    Not legal situation, the wife has full access to the house …. He cannot stop her or a guest to enter her home…. Zimmerman is just a hot headed person….he needs to go to jail for a long time….

  7. Lyland Murphy Ward

    Well Eric Jewell Hayes SrI just don't believe that George Zimmerman would ever pull a gun in a threatening manner(is there any other way to pull a gun?).

  8. Danny Roll Tide Bowen

    You fell for it.. do some research.. the gun was simply at the residence, it was not pulled.. CNN wanted to sensationalize it.. and this post actually made it more than that.

  9. Cashed Up Kris

    Shocking that Zimmeman was arrested for threatening/abusing a woman. I mean it's not like that's in his character at all… Oh wait… You mean he's been arrested for doing that exact same thing before? 😯

  10. Kenyattia Seymore

    What goes around comes back around!!! I bet his wife never saw the writings on the wall while she was standing beside a murder while he was on trial. This story shall end with Mrs. Zimmerman being his last victim. And just like all cowards do George will then turn the gun on himself………

  11. Pierre Hunt

    Proof of character. He pulled a gun on his soon to be ex-wife? (Really?)

  12. Chinue Phillips

    punched his father-in-law in the nose and threatened to shoot him and his wife, according to 911 tapes of a domestic incident today.

  13. Joe Hill

    You have a nasty divorce going on and anything can and will be alleged. When pushed, his wife didn't press charges as there were none to prove. she wants a divorce and George's Life Insurance policy naming her the beneficiary. She's betting on his death-sad.

  14. Wanda Ifyaknowme

    Exactly….this behavior has been sanctioned. ..why wouldn't he pull his gun and kill?

  15. Tricia Allen

    Local news here is reporting he hasn't been arrested just questioned.

  16. Lewis Moore

    The wife is lucky her dad was there or he would have feared for his life. We all know where that ends.

  17. Imperium Pirata

    ROFLMAO!!! Anyone with half a brain knew that this man would end up back in the news. It's not surprising!! What is, are the people who still make excuses for his behavior. Whether he pulled a gun, it was laying around or just magically appeared; Mr. Zimmerman has shown that he has anger issues which need to be dealt with. Point! Blank! Period!

  18. Carey Pierce

    Danny Roll Tide Bowen Do your research and listen to the actual 911 tape, THEN come back here and apologize for being an asshat.

  19. Chris Noe

    He was charged with murder before so, anything less is like jaywalking to him. What really happened we will never know. His wife and inlaws are now the enemy. They will lie to get his money.

  20. Eric Jewell Hayes Sr

    Joe Hill What it demonstrates for me is his propensity for violence. Which was a key to showing that he murdered Trayvon and the prosecution couldn't get it done.

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